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A member registered Jul 23, 2020

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That was so sweet, I loved it!!! <3

That was ADORABLE! Beautiful art style and story, very relatable main character.

Thank you! <3

Very cute and wholesome game! I had a great time. Aleth is my favorite <3

Tenho trabalhado demais ultimamente e esse jogo realmente me fez sorrir nos últimos dias! Consegui sentir a energia do Natal, ainda que seja março!!!

Como um bom aquariano, me apaixonei pelo Sol! Não vejo a hora de jogar Renting Love 2

Inclusive, estou obcecado pelo trabalho de vocês, também finalizei o jogo TeachersLP na semana passada!

Fico muito feliz em ver que ambos possuíam tradução para português!

Enfim, parabéns pelo lindo trabalho! Vocês são incríveis 🥺❤️

What a beautiful game! Nice story and many possibilities. The atmosphere that you created brought back a lot of school memories. 

Congrats, that was amazing! <3

Wowww, what an amazing game! The characters were so relatable, I really loved it!

Which character was your favorite? Why?

Theo was my favorite! He's probably the one that I would choose irl.

Did you manage to make all the guys on the main screen regain their color?


What's your favorite moment in the game?

Surprisingly, I think Mark's route gave me the best experience!

That was AMAZING, Morris is too cute <3

That was AMAZING! Thank you so much :') <3

Lovely story and amazing art style!!

Amazing game! <3


Just finished the game and I'm very impressed so far! I felt immersed in the story and already have my favorite characters. Amazing story! I'm eager for more :)

OMG! That was the best game I ever played. It really made me think about my whole life and I REALLY felt in love with all the characters. I'm amazed by the tenderness, the innocence and how I felt included in the story, in all senses. Thank you so much for this, it was exactly what I need right now. To all my fellow LGBTQIAs friends, you will ADORE this. Keep up with your amazing work! (Sorry if I misspelled, I'm from Brazil) <3

Love this game!!! The storyline is amazing and the details were so good! Congrats!

This game is so cute, I loved it! Can't wait for the full version. Congrats for the amazing work! Best regards from Brazil ❤️

Wow, this is amazing! So beautiful and well-written, I'm overwhelmed to know that you do all by yourself! Congrats GigaSaddle!!

Cool and fun game, I loved it!!! Greetings from Brazil! :D

In love with Paxton!!! Adorable game :D

Hey, Nine Inch Tails! Very nice game, the design is outstanding and the story is very well-written. Can't wait to see more! :D