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Soooo much better, thank you for the advice and the update! Works great :)

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Good idle gameplay and easy to learn! But I'm not able to log in after installing with the app. any ideas?

Update: The controls are very wonky. I also can't organize the workspace. they choose what side of the screen to go on, but I can't. Maybe let us use left and right click?

This was a nice fun little game! The beginning grind was a little tedious but the payoff of the meditation and incantations were great ideas and I loved them! I would love to see a more fleshed out game like this with more features, you have amazing ideas. 8.5/10, totally recommend if you love a good incremental.

This was such a nice grind. I think I got about 3 or 4 hours out of this but I also left this running overnight on accident lol

8.5/10, simple mechanics and satisfying graphics. Doesn't feel too long, doesn't feel too short :)

I'm actually dealing with a lot of issues. Being scared of getting sick so you don't lose days at work is such a real fear when you can't get savings! Thank you for showing this real type of living people actually have to deal with every day

Great game! I love the design and the windows is such a good idea. Would love to see the ability to move windows and minimize as well! Otherwise, only a bit short, but the quality absolutely makes up for it! :D

I wish there was a tutorial, I honestly couldn't even figure out how half of the stuff works. Also, the options menu doesn't open when you click it

This is an awesome game, I would love to see this develop and become a big idle hit, its amazing. also please add an upgrade for auto leveling cause my finger hurts :)

How tf did you make me fall in love with seriously almost every single character in this game oh my god

phenomenal work, 15/10, best VN experience ive ever had

Hey this is a cool little game! I'm a major fan of how when you stumble, you emulate that time-slow kind of feeling that you get just like in the game. I also love the way you did the balance meter. If you expand on this, maybe make an update for the game boy color! lol