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I have a question, is there any chance the game will be back on sale on 🤔 or that is ruled out

How did I see that it ended up here? I think I could take advantage of it by adding honey bee. You could also add other things. It could also be inspired by other games like Shinobi girl or Parasite in city in monsters and then if you want story ideas I think it could be explorations like looking for important objects or something to use, just thought about ideas

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I read that you are looking for ideas for the game or something I just wanted to say my opinion, could you add more monsters or something like bees or something You can also add explorations such as searching for important objects. Monsters could be Bee  of Honey /snowmen or scorpions something similar to bats It wouldn't be bad even though there are a lot of ideas.

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I found a great game I really liked it, it's worth buying I thought the game had been abandoned until I found the developer on XD 10/10            I hope the game receives future updates if the developer proposes ♥️

good job I like the game 🤑

Yes I hope they continue updating the game 🤑 for me they are good

 pdt: happy new year

hi lag in the missing updates for the game will it include costumes for hailey and annie? Christmas is approaching, it would be good to bring skin If you can include the costumes, how many could they be for Hailey or Annie, if only one of the characters?

I liked the game good job to the developer, I was wondering if it still needs to be updated or is it already finished

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Hello lags amazing work you do friend, it's worth the wait 🤑

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Hello lags No. I am clear about how long it will take if an update comes out this month, how long will one for mobile take?

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Hello, good game 🤑, only that the new update does not allow the Android version to be played.

good job on the update I hope you continue 🤑

We are happy that an update will come soon, we will wait anxiously 😁

Hello new follower I like your work I hope you continue 🤑

Hello, I would like to know if the definitive version eleven a porn 1 like the one on Steam will be available for cell phones here?

lags the wait will be worth it this game is good (rating) 10/10 that's why we are all waiting for you to bring an update after a long time

how do i get that?

lags Will you release the update for this year? It's been a long time since you left any information about future updates. the game is really worth the wait it would be bad if you give up everything :']

Hello, it would be good to add the game here to buy since patreon won't let me buy. Will there be more updates?

when the update? It's been a year now XD I know it takes time but how much???

It brings updates so I buy it because I really liked the game 🤑

brings haileys adventure update 👍🏼🤑