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Gotcha. That's a weird way for the engine to do volume, but  does explain it. Don't worry about the late response, things happen (I work for a state agency, I'm used to far longer waits).  And that's interesting about the volume thing. I've got my own personal quirks with numbers, just with multiples of 5 instead of 10, so I get what you mean. Thanks forresponding :)

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Is there an issue with buying it here on The installer only included a 151KB JPG, two 3KB .IFL files, three 1KB .DAT files, a 1KB spreadsheet named License that is completely blank, and a folder named ".itch" which includes a 1KB "receipt.json" file. 

*Edit to add - It seems it may be an issue with the new app that just came out. When I clicked the Download link from the purchase confirmation, it started downloading the full game in my regular browser. So that's fun.

Is there something I'm missing with volume options? I have my speaker's dial set to what it usually is for games, both in game volume sliders turned down to 10%, and the game volume in the Windows Volume Mixer down to about 15%, and all dialogue and option clicking was still extremely loud. Adjusting the in-game sliders didn't seem to change the music or sound fx volumes at all actually.

(only somewhat related side question I've been curious about, feel free to ignore if you want: Is there some technical reason why so many games have volume sliders on a 0-100 scale, but can only be adjusted in increments of 10? Why not just make the scale 0-10?)

I figured it was just a "not in demo" thing. Good to hear, and can't wait for it to be released.

Really love this game, looking forward to the full version. I do have one question though. Is there no way to adjust volume/audio, or am I a dumb and completely missing it? The volume range seems a bit extreme. The music is whisper quiet (but very nice), but if I turn it up loud enough to hear it, the footsteps while moving around sound like I'm stuck wearing Link's Iron Boots.

Was just about to post the same question. glad I decided to check comments first :)

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No worries, it's not anything you did. Thanks for trying though! :)

Edit: ACTUALLY funny thing. I was trying it in the app, but when you suggested it, I decided to  do opposite and try the website. The links show there, so I got it downloaded now. Thanks again :)

Nope. Same link, this is what I see. Don't worry too much about it. Like I said, it's perfectly believable that  it's just me pulling a Dresden on it. I had an entire security system at my old job break down on 3 different occasions the second I sat down at the main computer,  so links not showing is not remotely weird to me. 

It still says "Not available on Windows" for me, no download buttons. I'll admit it's quite possible that it's just my computer being weird. 

I had downloaded it to play with a friend, but it  wouldn't run. Tried to reinstall it, and now it says "Not available on Windows". Is that for all versions, or would one of the ones on the Game Jam page  work? (sorry if the answer is obvious, long day and brain is tired)

No problem, and thanks for quick reply! I'm glad I saved the recording, because even with that I loved it, and I want to see if I can sell a few friends on it.

Not sure when it happened, in the middle of streaming to a friend, but at some point the music completely stopped, and doesn't appear to be restarting. I thought maybe it was changing a little early for something dramatic, but while surprising, I don't think Checkpoint Charlie's first appearance counts as "dramatic" :)