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Rhythmic Maniacs Here!

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fizzd i wanna tell you that your the best at making rhythm games I especially like Rhythm Doctor but I finally beat THE WIND-UP (3-X) The music is awesome I love your games, Just keep doing what you do best fizzd.

Will you reply? I dont know but if you see this, Your awesome. (Play Rhythm Doctor in a new tab here!)

Edit: So far I'm on 3-X (1.4x) [Insane+(+)]

my name?

not the :- balls

no they mean the blue and red planets

knew it

You cant its only in the tutorials and the last night shift level

2020, Rhythm doctor almost released, Alot of games releasing good stuff. Basically the gaming year.


Sorry i made it too small to see i drew it btw on ms paint

hope you like it!

smol rhythm doctor

I did it

boss easy easy really easy just keep counting to 7 every time

4. The secrets are easy, REALLY. Easy.

5. The boss is kind of easy only cause you just count to 7 every time *SORRY FOR SECRET SPOILING >_<

6. Classy is a major tier on music so is Battleworm Insomniac and even Intimate.


is best

this account is new and i already make a friend


i am suprise

really am, this game is all you need to make my day

Tottaly Not A Russian Spy is A Russian Spy?

i get this the meme i dont wanna go to brazil help or what its called

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You want me to?

go to my account page

i want to know where the preorder is now