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Rhys Sanders

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This demo was really ambitious, and esceeded my expectations!,

the audio in particular needs a mention - often overlooked in games due to focus being on graphics.

Brilliant experience!

What another amazing entry to this series. Loved the firewatch vibes.

The scares were definitely there, and immersive atmosphere.

Fave moment was when a human man moved by motorhome by walking into it.

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Played at 18:33. That shopkeeper is the MVP!
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Played at 11:17. Without a doubt the scariest game menu ever.

First game in the video. Creepiest graveyard I've ever gone to.

What an experience this was! 

Really builds on the first 2 games, much more ambitious. I am completely in love with the art style and this series.

This game is going to be TERRIFYING!

A fantastic  sequel to the first episode. I loved the theme and storytelling, really built well or the first episode.

There's a reason I played all the episodes in wuick succession. What a series!

The beginning of a truly special series of games.  

Some of the most fun indie games I've ever played. The story telling from this game to the last was spot on.

Played at 14:41. Ouija boards always creep me out so it was always going to go well. I am intrigued and would love to see a full release!

Played at 06:12. I really wanted it to last longer it was good! Intrigued me.

Don't see many fixed perspective horror games so I appreciated it.

First game in the video. Didn't have a clue what was going on. Terrified me. Well done.

The first Octavi Navarro game i play, and I fell in love with it and then played the others!

fantastic little experience with a story I didn't see coming.

 Played at 15:10. 
Played at 15:10. Short and sweet game but left an impact! Creepy stuff!

Played at 06:06.

I didn't have words to describe my experience after I'd played it, not sure I do now! Crazy ride this one, strap in.

First game in the video. Great atmosphere and really creepy artwork on the walls.

Storywise I didn't really know where you were going with it, but good effort!

Having played Within, The Hospital and Decrypt, to say I'm a fan of your work would be an understatement. When I saw you'd done a visual novel as well, I had to get on it!

LOVED this game also. The tension was really there even without voice acting. Brilliant stuff.

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Played at 14:31. Fun escape room style game and scary! 

that air vent scene was horrible!

Played at 4:55. Fun game with an interesting twist! Props to you. Jumpscare got me too. 

First game in the video. Short yet effecively scary!

arguably the biggest horror was the pizza toppings.

Had a really good time with this game!

I can't wait for the others in the series, great atmosphere building!

Hands down in my Top 3 Horror Games of all time.

I struggle to find the words to describe how the jumpscare made me feel.

I don't want to play the full release.

Hey Vox!

Another fun experience revisiting this game, I'd surprisingly forgotten alot of it!

Look forward to your upcoming works.

Hey Aces Games! Another enjoyable game from yourself.

Very different direction from Athemore and Unaware, but I also enjoy my fps and Zombies so it was a winner! Definitely intrigued about the story.

My initial impressions are at the end of the video, but from what I remember it even spooked me a couple times with the Zombies sneaking up on me!

Hope you're well and thanks again for more of your good work.

With The Crypt Terror producing arguably one of my funniest shorts i was so hyped to see you released a new game linked to it!

Loved this game just as much as the first one, huge fan here.

This game was so enjoyable!

Having already played Within and The Babysitter I was eager to play this game. It was brilliant! So different to the others. Really good focus on the diary entries to tell the story  really my sort of game. Good horror elements too!

This game was one of the darker horror games I have played, and it's a massive compliment.

The material used for this game's story really isn't for the feint of heart, but at the same time it's so well told.

The audio and graphics for this game are beautiful. Unique touch doing the black bars instead of going full screen.

Really recommend this one. You built alot on the demo!

What a brilliant game this was!

you really built on your previous game Driving Home , this was alot of fun! Not forgetting spooky as hell.

I got to live out my childhood dream of working at Blockbusters.

I will now have nightmares forever.

Another enjoyable entry from Emika Games!

aside from it not being English first language (not a problem) it was a really well made game! Great jumpscares as you can see in my thumbnail 🙂

This game was brilliant! I came to this game having played The Hospital, and boy was it an improvement in every way. It then resulted in me playing The Babysitter and Decrypt. Safe to say I'm a fan of your work.

This was a brilliant horror game. Well done. 

What a fun experience this was!

I'm a big fan of the previous 2 games from the Fears To Fathom line and this one was no different.

The game terrified me to put it simply. I can't wait for the next one!

Fair play you NAILED the atmosphere in this game.

Damn you putting those wardrobes in to give me the impression I may need to hide.

Great game. Abstract story. Great atmosphere.

Played at 21:48. What a breath of fresh air!

I love a point and click game, and this game was so eerie! Well done.

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Played at 10:11. I get truly humbled in this game, the jumpscares really got me! Great game.

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First game in the video. Id say this game did very well at building the suspense and tension right up until the end!

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I had alot of fun with this one! Didnt take itself too seriously but still got scares out of me, good balance!

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Played qt 16:51. I enjoyed this game, couple bugs but didnt stop me fron enjoying the experience!

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Hey Niven 🙂 played at 07:52. I enjoyed! Good atmosphere and the story introgued me.

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First game in the video, i had alot of fun! Jumpscares got me too.

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