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Rhys Sanders

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This video is just for the demo, i cant wait to play the full game!

Really enjoyed this game.slight bug where I'd leave the managers office and fall under the map, but it was genuinely terrifying when I got to the house! Well done.

Check out my video 🙂 sub if you want to see me play the full game. 

Yeah i read it back and it didnt come across as id intended so ive edited it 🙂 good job.

Played at 04:57.

What a brilliant demo this was! Really promising, hope the story gets developed for the full release. 

I also enjoyed the ball in the gymnasium far too much.

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Played at 02:03.

This game has made me never want to stay in a motorhome in my life!

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First game in the video. I should have listened to the title, fun little game!

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Just when I thought you couldn't top the other games you made, you did it!

I loved this game. The focus on the narrative was a big plus for me, and you did an excellent job with the atmosphere.

I CANNOT WAIT for the full game. Keep up the excellent work.

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Thanks alot for reaching out asking me to try your game, its like nothing else I've played! 

Had such a fun time. The art style, the audio and the gameplay were really enjoyable! Very unique.

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Played at 21:03. Was a nice light-hearted pallet cleanser to the other 2 games I played. Was entertaining.

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Played at 09:43.

I hated every second of this game as I was under a constant state of terror. I was genuinely relieved to escape above ground!

Had me silent at times as I was too tense to even talk. Well done.

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First game in the video, what a brilliant game.

Had it all, solid graphics, good story, and scary atmosphere! Good job.

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I absolutely loved this game. I played A Date To Keep first, so eas nice to come back to this one. It was only til I edited the video that i saw the link! 

I preferred this one, dark story. Well made.

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Played at 18:51. Great game! Super random which I loved. And i love the graphics style! It terrifed me.

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Played at 7:31, I loved your previous games so had high hopes for tbis one. 

It did not disappoint! jumpscares really got me. 

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First game in the video! 

I really appreciated the atmosphere of the game, and you know I love the old style graphics! Did a good job with this one, well done 🙂

This game was recommended to me, and I was not prepared for it!

More than just a horror game, had the narrative and real tension building stuff especially in the office. Loved it. I look forward to going back and playing the first game!

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Played at 17:30. What a uni
Played at 17:30, what a unique game!

I had alot of fun with this one, it'll stick in my memory for a while. Well done!

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Played at 06:01. A very well made game! I have no idea of what having schizophrenia is like so can't talk to that, but it made me uncomfortable throughout, so well done.

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First game to the video, and what a start to my 3 scary games it was!

Really enjoyable game, the jumpscares really got me, it was a nightmare to play (in the good way).

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I enjoyed my time on this game, a decent horror game 🙂

The P.T. inspirations were clearly there, but overall good storytelling.

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Played at 16:48. I LOVED this game!

From the questionable British accents to the NPC's walking around, your game definitely had a charm to it. 

Good story telling to go with it! Fun game.

Check out my video 🙂

Played at 6:13. You've got a really unique mechanic with this game! I really appreciated it.

Scariest part has to be when I found the goose / duck. The stuff of nightmares.

Had a fun time 🙂 was oddly satisfying scanning the entirety of the room.

Check out my video 🙂

What a fantastically unique game!

Loved it, the graphic style, the fact there's text for sound effects, little things that really makes this game stand out.

Not to forget that it was also terrifying! Good job.

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This game pleasantly surprised me!

I had alot of fun playing it. Apart from the bugs I had that I emailed you about it's been a positive experience.

I'm yet to play Chapter 2 yet as that's where i had the issues, but i recommend this game! The story is intriguing.

check out my video.

Played at 11:25. Great game!

I like how you went down the route of never seeing the scary thing, it definitely made it scarier. Plus it's a very relatable fear, as I'm sure many people have had the fear someone's in their attic or basement.

Brilliant game! Well done.

Check out my video.

Played at 06:43. The audio was fantastic on this game!

Wish the catacombs had been fleshed out a bit, different rooms, maybe some notes to pad out the lore etc would have been a great touch.

Otherwise an enjoyable scary game!

Check out my video.

First game in the video. I'd be lying if I said I had a clue what was going on!

Definitely one of the more...unique games I've played, not sure I'd call it scary though. Well done making a trippy game!

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Without a doubt one of the best games i have plaued on thid site.

The artwork is beautiful, it instantly drew me in how much effort went into the visuals.

The the writing is also fantastic, I really value the narrative in a game and this certainly exceeded my expectations.

Thankyou so much for reaching out asking me to record this game. Please let me know when chapter 3 is out.

Check out my video 🙂

that's really cool!

Leftovers was definitely one of the games that stays in my memory for great games on this site.

Another terrifying game from Max Horror.

You set a high bar with Subject 65 and The Apartment. This one was just as good! Scared the sh*t out of me.

Check out my video.

Played at 17:32. Had fun with this one, the jumpscare really got me haha.

The bit after the delivery got a bit repetitive, alot of empty space but in general I enjoyed :) well done.

Check out my video :)

Played at 09:32.

Loved this game! Cool little story intro instantly had me interested. I fear that I left out a large part of the crypt as I seemed to find the ending quite quickly, but as you can see by the thumbnail it terrified me!

Check out my video :)

First game in the video. I really enjoyed it!

What a unique mechanic jumping between worlds. Haven't seen that before and it was a really impressive addition to the game. Thoroughly enjoyed.

Check out my video :)

Brilliant game! I give my immediate comments at the end of the video but I'll put some below too, apologies if they're duplicated from the video.

If you enjoy puzzle games with a slight horror element then I fully recommend you play this game, I had a really good time

Very minor bug where I was in the clock UI when the girl spoke to me, and the menu for the clock stayed on after it also but got out of it pretty quickly.

It was a really refreshing experience playing a horror game that focuses on escape room-type puzzles (even if I wasn't very good at them). The one minor drawback I would say is that after a short period of time I was no longer scared going from room to room so in that sense the "horror" aspect had subsided, and made way for a purely puzzle feeling game.

I really can't wait to see what work you do with this game to expand on it as I'll be first in line to play it. 

Just want to say well done on your work with this game, thoroughly enjoyed.

Check out my video.

I had a brilliant time playing this game!

the graphics were brilliant but the audio in particular was very well done.

Aside from Frank Sinatra coming on (had to play over it for copyright but thorougly enjoyed it in game) it was a brilliant horror game. 

Check out my video.

you know what, it was just that weird I'd probably play it 😂 

Played at 8:53. What a great sequel to Part 1!

You improved so much from the first game. The narrative was brilliant and the horror...just check out my video for yourself. I've never been on the line of being terrified, but also laughing! The noises those people made really got me.

Fantastic game it'll stick with me.

Check out my video.

Played at 5:20. What a terrifying Chicken! Even made the thumbnail.

I hate getting chased in games so this really hit a nerve for me.

Check out my video.

Hope you're doing well! First game in the video - nearly named the whole thing 3 weird games!

You definitely have a unique imagination to come up with that game haha...but it's meant to be a bad trip so it was spot on! Well done.

Check out my video.

I had alot of fun playing this game!

There's definitely something to horror games that make you do a repetitive, boring task and then introduce horror elements when you least expect it!

Well made game, simple bit effective

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