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this was awesome

I like how you are supposed to quit the game by eating the computer

this is how I imagine blahaj feels every night when Ikea closes. 5/5/5 from me!

This was suprisingly fun :D sometimes the next block appeared a little too lite, had to react very fast

Nice, glad the portals are working. Unfortunately could make the big jump with pad, I always fell in the middle.

Fun little arcade game :D

It's not what I expected which made it so much funnier

Totally needs score counter. And at some point the blocks starts to reveal themself before they are locked in place which looks weird.

Cool concept!

thank u so muč, tank yu

The puzzle part is fun and interesting. The simulation feels kinda slow. But I always wanted to be Dungeon Master

Level 8 Seems a bit random. It always does something different on the sprigng. Otherwise I love it

Please add a restart after death. And maybe restart button - I got stuck because player could not climb up a ladder ( there was a block to the left of it). It is fun, fast, hard, and I would love to complete it. But refreshing the website is kinda ruining the game (if there is fast way to restart, I am sorry, and will complete the game)

Thank you, that does make my morning better:) 

You can 

DoubleTrouble Jam community · Created a new topic Team up
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Anyone who would team up with a guy with bad programming skills, even worse art and no sense of humour? 


 - lonely me

Love the manual reload. But I find hard closing the inventory :D for some reason I always used mouse wheel.

Thanks, glad you had a good time! 

Thanks, I am thinking about adding some more levels. But don't want to over scope it so I can say I have finally some finished project :D

That's true. It was made so your movement flow a little better but in the end it's kinda annoying. I think I know how to fix it now so after the jam ends I will try to fix it. 


Super cute art! Love how you control one and the other one is sleeping :D

It is fun puzzle platformer with interesting features

Not gonna lie - got kinda scared when I saw that one ghost rushing at me :D

Thank you! 

Thanks, glad you were satisfied with the difficulty!

Thanks. Remembering good old times sounds good. Glad you liked it. 

Will definitely look on your game;) 

One really great game. I have played a game like this in browser so and it was so much fun.

Your game adds the block that always stay, no matter which side/color you are on. Level desing is really clever I think and movement is precise. 

I like how you overcome the problem with only 2 colors and work around that. And I love the transition between levels.

Really fun game

Thanks! Difficulty was very hard to tweet but I tried it to make it as easy as possible. With some harder levels at the end. 

Good job! Cute player sprite, love how you made the ground pattern.

I would slighthy tweek the movement which I think is really important to get right in platformers. Make the speed a little lower, so you can make more precious jumps.

Also I would rotate the player so he does not wall on his head. It's a minor thing really.

I hope I will see some of your future games:)

Interesting Idea! it is kinda frustrating if you miss the hole because you need 2 strokes to complete it. But other then that I like it

Thanks for playing, glad you liked it!

It reminds me a game 2048. Still it was fun but really hard to get my head around the movement

Okey, thank you

Will there be some theme for the game?