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This was a very cool experience. Good, spooky atmosphere and an intriguing story (which I'm still trying to piece together). 

I did have couple issues while playing, though. Hit one hang during my first appointment with Dr. Cooper (right after he asked for my name), but just restarted the chapter. The bigger issue I had was that vertical navigation (e.g. going up/down stairs) was really clunky and slow, which made navigating certain rooms quite annoying.

Movement speed was also a bit slow, but you happen to be able to double-dip on the movement keys (e.g. left arrow + A) to move faster, which made it better.

Overall, a bit rough around the edges, but I really enjoyed it all the same!

The web browser "crash" makes sense, though it didn't occur to me that it might happen until you mentioned it. Ctrl+W in some browsers is a shortcut to close the tab. I wonder if Godot has a way to intercept that so the browser doesn't try handling the input.

Yeah, in the hectic rush at the end, we forgot to add any sort of win screen. I do actually really like the idea of being able to freely converse with people after you get your coffee.

You are supposed to be able to bypass the troll. There are a couple paths through the town, but rushed map design at the end led to it being unclear that the alternate routes were intended (though, the out-of-bounds routes were... less intended).

Also, I had a lot of fun watching your video. Always exciting to see someone react to a thing I worked on! Going to watch the rest after finishing this reply :) What you got from the salesman, by the way, was... an invisible treasure chest! I may have introduced a bug in the last few hours that made every interactable  element (including the chest and the coffee shop door) invisible after you talk to the salesman. Woops! 

Thanks for playing! If you got the coffee, then you won (despite the lack of any indication)!

Yep, we ran out of time so the map is half-finished. We planned to have a town with a couple different routes you could take through it, but by the end we kind of just threw every area onto one map and teleported the player between coordinates. After you finish the salesman encounter, you get teleported next to the coffee shop. I definitely get how it was disorienting.

Glad you enjoyed the dialogue. For a primarily interactive fiction game, I count that as a win!

That makes sense. For some reason, you need to click on the game after it starts for it to take any input. The focus is odd. Enter key will progress dialogue/interact. Move with arrow keys.  Ah, and your office is on the far right. Once you talk to your coworkers, you need to interact with your computer.

Beyond that... it's easier to hit a game-breaking bug than an ending, so mileage may vary haha