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i like the game so far ive played (not finished) but the one thing I have a small problem is the grammar or some spelling like maths teacher it should be math teacher. otherwise good game just work on the grammar lol

does this game data save between each update or no if not should i wait till the 1.5 build is public

cant install buckshot or two birds because it says theres a potential virus or unwanted software

love the game so intresting and fun

love the game is there any other games like this because its unique

pretty good game so far only a few problems 

1. the map is confusing and took me a few minutes to understand it, i recommend adding it as a button itself or change the icon to a map.

2. (MAY JUST BE MY LAPTOP) its super laggy but it could just be my shitty laptop.

actually i just replayed the part and found a missing peice of evidence that was the neck piece was missing probably cuz white on white doesnt work wel

love the game so far cant wait for it to be finished i would donate but im too poor sorry 

im doing the nun case and got all the clues but im at the last part of the thing where i caught the gardener but i cant do anything else to progress the game

idk if its just me but it doesnt let me save an error comes up when i try

idk if its just me but it crashes as soon as i open it