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hello there, I wanted to apologize for what I said because I didn't think at the time I was writing it, I usually think before I say anything but that day was kind of a bad one. but I hope you have a nice day and thank you for taking the time to say something.

my bad, I should have tried the game out before saying anything and I was in a bad mood that day and just got frustrated I guess. I should have put more thought and consideration into it before I commented. my apologies, have a nice day.

Hello, I'm just curious because in the beginning of the game, in the tutorials, it says something about there being a second game and at the end of the game it leaves you confused and with something that obviously would be explained further in the second game. I have searched everywhere and there doesn't seem to be any explanation as to if you will be making a second game. So, because I enjoyed this game so much I would really like to know if you will be making one? Thank you.

although, it still seems interesting and I'm going to try it out.