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I'll join if your still free

Fun to play, but it just looks a bit bland being all gray.

Ill make it a windowed version, ill try fix the arrows, and exploration is part of the fun.



Nice, looks good

  • There is no roof so you can get to the top
  • The buildings de spawn (I know this is meant to be , but its not good)

You can change the colour of the sprites, so yes they can change colour for animation if you want.

Thank you for the feedback!

We will definitely start to work on those if we have some time spare.

Thank you fo your kind words about our game.

We were going to make them fade away but i guess we forgot.

So fun!

If you need to submit late, post the URL for the game below and I will submit it as a late submission.

Yes please

catter jam community · Created a new topic Discord?

Is there a discord by any chance?

Very nice game!

I know its WIP but still there are two problems I have spotted:

  1.  Collisions need to be slightly bigger for the flowers
  2.  Enemies can make you get stuck at spawn endlessly

Other than that, its a very nice game!

Yes that would be all fine.

I just dont want any drastic changes

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Custom music and royalty free music are allowed

1 - Yes

2- Yes

3 - Yes

4 - No sorry

5 -Yes

6 -  You're allowed to change the assets yourself

Im going to try to make a font but if it doesn't work then yes you can use any font