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Thank you for responding. It must have been some scenes (not sex scenes) that are cut a little bit suddenly that left me with the impression that I was missing some parts.

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Hello. Got this as part of the equality bundle. Is the game complete? It seems like there are parts missing. Please note that I played for an hour or two and then downloaded the patch. Continued my saved game and there are some parts missing ,or at least this is what I think. Not sex scenes (have not got that far yet) but scenes within the story right after the girls meet Mariah and her company. Maybe the patch broke the save? Any help would be apreciated! Thanks


Nice game with Anime well-known characters. Very enjoyable. Thanks!

Got it as part of the bundle. Thanks for including it! Is this the whole game or a demo? Thanks

Thank you for including Catlandia in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality! Cuteness overload and ginger cats :) 

First game of the bundle that I really want to play! Kudos. Atmosphere and setting is great. An opportunity to learn a couple of things as we play as well. Thanks!

Worked for me as well. Appreciated

Hello. How do we get our Steam key? I follow some advise i found on steam forums but it is not working for me. I don't have a download button on itch (but the game is ready to play). Thanks