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I loved thisssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jamiee is so cute but omg Percy is also so amazing. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaa. i cant im so excited to play the full thing one dayyyy!!!

this game is so good bro. ive only gotten two ending but Clives good ending took me like 5 hours to do and thats just cause i sped the text up and skipped a lot of the first part. the story and everything is so good. i LOVE THE VOICE ACTING. Jasper's voice was so good like omg. i cant. im so sad i got one of Kay's bad endings first and no joke i cried. this game is amazing. there's just so much content. IVEE ONLY GOT TWO ENDINGS AND IVE PLAYED FOR LIKE 10 HOURS IN ALL. ima just keep repeating myself if this goes on any longer thats just how good it is so. 100000000000000/10 PLEASE YOU HAVE TO PLAY THIS YALL,

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once again, I'm currently on a hunt for a tone of new and old visual novels to play as I go through them pretty quickly. ive played about 3 different ones today and finished them all but ive had this one on my list for quite a while and I'm excited to play it :) 

update: HOLLY HELL THAT WAS AMAZING! the characters, the story, the different shifting point of views, the cliff hanger, just absolutely everything about it was AMAZING. i was literally on the edge of my seat the whole time wondering what was going to happen next. it was entertaining, it was funny in some parts, it was interesting, it was captivating, and most of all oh my god it the backgrounds, the character deigns, the art in general was Plesant to look at. this might seem like a lot, and you might be thinking I'm over hyping this game for what it's worth but for being Unknown Hermits FIRST game it was amazing. yes, some parts can be confusing and might feel unnecessary at times but honestly i think it just brings this game some charm. at first i thought it was going to be a short demo but honestly it lasted me a good hour or so. you can tell that the creator probably had a bit of fun making it and coming up with all these scenarios and that they put a lot of hard work into. 1,000/10 in my opinion. I'm so excited for the full version!  

I've currently been on a hunt for a tone of new and old visual novels to play as I go through them pretty quickly and during my hunt, I stumbled upon this. honestly just by the short description I'm really excited to play its.

Update: honestly, I enjoyed playing the demo for this a lot despite it being short and simple. Of course, I expected it to be short considering it was only a demo though. I loved everything about game so far. the character designs, the music, the story, and everything else was amazing. i love Seth and he's my personal favorite for the time being. I've scrolled through the comments a bit and saw a few people being super hateful and rude for no real reason. I don't think people understand that these types of games take time and effort to make. there is and was no reason to be so hateful. people need to understand that we are all humans even game creators. you shouldn't expect so much from just a simple demo which is honestly just introducing you to the characters. not every demo is going to be a 30–40-minute play through. they are just trying to give you an idea of what it's going to about. other than that, I loved the game and of course it could use improvement but once again its only a demo and I'm sure that when another update is released it will be absolutely amazing!