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Hi to anyone reading :D Today I finished most of the resources and Inventory items for them.I am Glad to say that everything is working with me in terms of not causing bugs, Tomorrow I will probably finish the 1st area of the game world layout and then I will decide if I am going to add the npc's yet or maybe finish up some more of the world before I add the mobs and npc's. I will kepp you guys updated as the Game progresses it is just going very slow at the moment.

Enjoy and see you soon :D

Hello to you the Reader.Please feel free to introduce yourself. For now it is quite empty here. But soon this space will be filled with updates. Hope to see you all real soon...Chow 4 Now :D

Created a new topic All Questions Jam Related

Ask your questions here :D

I had almost the same idea as gamible, but later decided to remove that little part as it did'nt quite work well with some other mechanics.But your only hope will be to go only right

ok yeah that was my thoughts aswell. thanx.just wanted to know exactly what must be done. :D

Created a new topic Question about the rule

by moving right. the char or object can only move right? ok i get that.! but are you allowed to have up and down movement aswell but just not left movement.just want to get my facts straight :D