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actually i've just opened an instegram, @h4ck3d_development , will show there the way from scratch to hopefully the full game!

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this assets are amazing, thanks for sharing that with us!

am working on adding those to a game am working and it wont be possible without your amazing work!

Thanks! Sadly I had to reset my pc so the project is deleted, but I'll try to combine it in other games, thanks for sharing that with the com!

thank you for creating this amazing asset!

thank m8, will be finish soon

hey, ive just created a little micro game using your zombie sprite (ofc you have a credits after creating this masterpiece) feel free to take a look and say your opinio

hey, just created a game using this sprite, its still in dev but its on itch so feel free to take a look and say your opinion

hey, I've just joined your jam but the discord link is invalid, can you fix it?

i exported to exe.... big of

only openGL, i used godot

Thank You!!!

agree, am not the best at it

thx ill check it out :)

i love this game!!!.

its amazing, i loved everything about this game!!!

well i am a developer, for my bad i dont know how to create good music, so sadly i cant add it unless ill work with a musician

you are more then welcome to help me develop games, add me on discord Name#6003

cu there ;)

first time to upload to mac, i just did it, test it and tell me if it works! :)

you need to keep the velocity
there is much more math in this game then it looks... sadly( I hate math)


the vertical speed used as an intentional bug in level 3
and i will

ill check and ill upload and update you the way!

hey the game just updated to his last version because i want to start a new game and I don't have power to keep developing this one

hey, the bug fixed and i uploaded some new and cooler levels, feel free to check it!

hey i just updated the game, feel free to check, there are more levels and more features ;)

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thank you very much, i fixed it and i keep working on it!

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i will do it, thanks for letting me know your opinion, this version is a early prototype to check and see people thoughts and people problem while playing this game, I will fix it and thank you
if you have anymore ideas/bugs/miscreating, let me know about it!
big love <3

this is so fucking cute

this is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

this game is amazing

i liked the art of it and the gameplay

good job!

thank you!
we really appreciate that :)

thank you very much!
we glad to hear you liked that <3

wow this game was amazing m8

so hard but so fun

the music is great!

good luck

i really loved it
good luck :)