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Oops! Must of deleted it by accident when uploading the D64 post-compo! Fixing now!

Hi there guys - if anyone wants to send me an update on how their games are going, please email me on I'll be posting a blog update about the competition this weekend :)


* Fixed a minor bug/feature that prevented saving in easy mode. This is correct on the cartridges, but wasn't updated here.

* Updated filename so the game will run on the mini.

* Added vice GPL notes to download.


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Hi there all! I figured that a FAQ section will be required at some point (despite the fact that as yet no-one has asked any questions), so here it is! If you have anything you want to ask, post it here and I'll answer and add it to the list :)

Q. Can I submit my entry before the jam/compo ends?

A. Yes! Unlike previous years where people simply emailed their games to RGCD and they were released all at the end of the competition, a 'jam' differs in that you can release and update your entries before the deadline and you are only judged on the final locked-down release at the end. Of course, if you would rather keep your game unavailable until the end then that is fine, BUT it may prove to be beneficial to at least build your game's page before then (even if the game remains unavailable to download).

Q. I don't want to use to release my game, but I want to enter the competition! What can I do?

A. If for some reason you don't wish to create an account and upload your game here, that's fine too - although you'll miss out on having you game visible by all the users here! At the end of the competition I will create a page over at listing all the entries, so your game will be represented there instead. Please email James at and I'll assist you in registering outside of :)

Hey! This is pretty fun :)

Played it on windows, but I imagine it would be a lot better on android or with a touchscreen pc.

Great work!

Wow! The best game on Pico-8 by far :) Huge congrats!

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Hello again :)

Just a quick update to say that the Windows version of the game is COMPLETE and will be available to buy on and Game Jolt on Wednesday the 11th of May. Read more about it here:


Hey there! James here, one half of RGCD.DEV.

Just posting to say we're just wrapping up the final parts of this game, and then we'll be 'soft-launching' it on before taking it to Steam Greenlight. Obviously, Steam keys will be forwarded to anyone who buys the game on as and when it is released on that platform.

So, at the moment it looks as though the initial release date on PC will be in a fortnight, with Amazon Fire TV to follow soon. We've got an old Ouya here gathering dust so we'll probably include a standalone APK for that and other 'droid boxes with controllers too ;)

We're hoping to get the game on to PS4, but that's currently in the hands of a good friend of ours who will hopefully be acting as publisher for that system ;)

More news as it is confirmed/locked down! J

Good work Davit! There's some really nice visual effects in this one. I particularly like the 'shield'. Full joypad implementation would result in more plays from me (not really a fan of mouse-'em-ups).

It's getting tight in here! D: