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this was so beautifully written & illustrated and i'm glad to have experienced it. it's comforting to know that we're not alone struggling with the ridiculousness that is capitalism, and the dumb heteronormative expectation thrust upon us. i wish fran, xo, and mo a free and happy life ahead, as much as is possible in this society. ;; ok brb going to get myself a pot of snake plant

good luck out there little friend!!

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i wish everyone who had lost an important friend could experience this game and feel a little bit better, knowing that their friend is on an journey, that they are not alone, and that their love can still reach them. <3

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thank you for making this virtual shrine, its a really nice and relaxing experience. visiting a shrine at new year without all the crowd is like a long lost dream :> あけましておめでとうございます 🙏⛩

ooh thanks for the info! (probably learned about this in school but has completely forgotten about it haha, appreciate this lil refresher! :> )

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just downloaded the linux version, have to chmod +x for it to be executable (idk if this is common practice for linux releases? didn't see anyone else mentioning this in the comments) but its not too much of a hassle anyway :)

its very cute n chill, hopefully this will help my brain focus on what it needs! time to get working!

Ooooh such a heart warming short story with a great ending. I like how the story is laid out, the comedic relief is on point. The characters are absolutely charming, I love every single one of them so much! I wish Lirio and her fairy companion the best of luck in their magical shenanigans, I hope main character and her friend gets all the happiness they deserve.

(my fav character is lirio btw because who wouldn't like her? she's wonderful)