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Really cool game, simple and effective. 

Que foi isso que eu acabei de jogar?!!

A melhor sátira do ano. Cara, muito bom.

  • Pontos positivos:
    • o estilo/arte se manteve constante, inclusive a música, que eu não gosto, mas o jogo é seu, mão meu, fora que seria broxante ouvir EDM com um jogo desses - então parabéns;
    • a passagem secreta - oops, spoiler;
    • os steps de EVA.

  • Pra uma próxima versão:
    • obviamente, mais níveis;
    • deixar um pouco mais claro o que são plataformas - juro que tentei subir no banco 45°;
    • o tamanho proporcional dos personagem pro resto da cena - embora eu entendo que é um jogo e caricaturado.

Com certeza tem muito mais coisas positivas que a melhorar.


I'd love to play that, but it only shows a black screen..

Fun for minutes.

Autoclicker Patience required.

Was this supposed to be a joke or sth alike?

Because it is surprisingly fun to wait for the page (or the PC) to crash, though it did not, indeed.

Nice game!

WTF, Dude! You can make a cool meme(ish) game without JUMPSCARES.

A good autoclicker strategy is the key.

Cute, checked

Idle, checked

Incremental, checked

I wonder why haven`t I find this game before... Fun for minutes

This game teaches us it is ok to break some eggs to make an omelette. Well.. if at least we could eat them all instead of messing with the table.

This game can also help on the fine coordination rehab.. A hidden GEM.

Surprisingly FUN and it has a good PT-BR localization. 5 stars

I came here because of your YT video.

That is a fantastic job for 24h STRAIGHT.

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I'd rather see it as a feature...  LOL

Hey, I really liked the game, it can be hard in a good way.

By the way, I would like to voluntarily translate it to PT-BR, if you want.

Looking forward to your reply.

Hey, I really liked this! Keep up the good work.

Oh, by the way, is there a PT-BR version of this game?

I would voluntarily do the localisation, if you want. I am a volunteer at Localizor, and I have some experience translating and localising games.

I know it has been an year since my last comment, but I really want to help.

Looking forward for your reply..

Hey, I really liked the atmosphere of the game: dark in a great way.

I would like to contribute voluntarily with localisation to PT-BR if it is of your interest.

Let me now, and keep up the awesome work.

Prestige won't work as well if any adblock is active.

I found the perfect game because every level ends with "good job", hahaha

What have I just played!!! I'm amazed.

I actually tried to press the spacebar... LOL

Awesome time killer.

Maxing everything isn't the way... This is about clever cheating. Nice!

"Rate this pants"...

It took me a couple minutes to figure out the joke.

Fun for days!

I've played it bit by bit.

I gotta confess I used an autoclicker, and I definetely don't regret it.

Oh, the "boss" realy spiced things up; I loved it!

Cool game! I can't stop thinking if ppl will play this a thousands of years from now...

Anyway, it's a nice clock, also - once you have your taskbar hidden. LOL

Herbs... Nice... LOL

And sure loved it..

Better luck (and care) next time.

BTW the bottomless pit is located at the borders, something like the end of the world.

If I had more petience I'd love to dig for hours in this game.

Awesome for when we get tired of metros.

I really apreciate your wor

The title was somehow familiar since we do name that fruit "carambola" here in Brazil.

Enchanting and unique, that's what this game is.

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I deeply think those penguins worth more than that lol

Nevertheless, awesome concept and aesthetics