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What have I just played!!! I'm amazed.

I actually tried to press the spacebar... LOL

Awesome time killer.

Maxing everything isn't the way... This is about clever cheating. Nice!

"Rate this pants"...

It took me a couple minutes to figure out the joke.

Fun for days!

I've played it bit by bit.

I gotta confess I used an autoclicker, and I definetely don't regret it.

Oh, the "boss" realy spiced things up; I loved it!

Cool game! I can't stop thinking if ppl will play this a thousands of years from now...

Anyway, it's a nice clock, also - once you have your taskbar hidden. LOL

Herbs... Nice... LOL

And sure loved it..

Better luck (and care) next time.

BTW the bottomless pit is located at the borders, something like the end of the world.

If I had more petience I'd love to dig for hours in this game.

Awesome for when we get tired of metros.

I really apreciate your wor

The title was somehow familiar since we do name that fruit "carambola" here in Brazil.

Enchanting and unique, that's what this game is.

Absolutely.. I did not understand the prestige mechanics, or maybe it wasn't implemented yet

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I deeply think those penguins worth more than that lol

Nevertheless, awesome concept and aesthetics

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Is there any way to bulldoze a shop, brewer or floor?

BTW, nice music and sweet graphics