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Will those of us who bought it on be able to get a key on Steam? 

Thanks for the update! Looking forward to seeing the Demo and the eventual game :) 

I'm so happy to see you guys haven't stopped working on this. I'm enjoying watching the progress of the game.

I think it is so generous that you are offering the game for free for Black Friday. If I get the game now, do I need to pay in the future to keep playing?

Is this a singleplayer or multiplayer game? Are there any microtransactions?

I'm very excited to see where this goes! I love all farming games. I will have to play the demo soon :) 

It's a little buggy but has some promise. I couldn't get the market to restock, and the plots seem to have very finicky hitboxes as I've had to tap each one twenty or so times trying to spot the sweet spot. I do like the quaint, simplistic art style though. I'd like to see it worked on more, but I know game jams can take it out of you so take it easy man.

This looks really lovely. I can't wait to see what it's like and to play it!