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For a really early version this is a really cool prove of concept, non of the above controls work for me and the police system felt a bit unexplained, but thats what alphas are for right?

So far pretty good, keep up the good work :)

I played to lvl150, i am now faster than the gems and am able to run through the walls

í bugged outside the border by being hit by a pig while dying

yea, i tried "up up down down", but its just "up down"

Proof of concept? that was a proof of competence

Great game

hey, i tried that to, how did you do it since there is now back/down?

the graphics are interesting, but i have no idea of what im supposed to do in this game.

I dont know why, buit the game opens steamvr on my pc, and only gives of sound that way, it also closes when you close steamvr

Hello, realy good game, like very very good, but could you try to add a multiplayer, like, two players run up a tower, level up, and meet at the top to pvp.

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Can we just take a moment to bring out how much we hate the "Outsmart" guy?

But still, really great game, one of the best Free ones if ever played

This game is great, one of the best ive played on itch so far, only one sugestion, the Mindcontrole effect doesent really work on boss stages, so maybe change that

how do you pick something up, i cant read the fond

this game is great you mixed the best parts of ddlc and Undertale.

you should get money for this