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Very cool experience to be honest, nice atmosphere build up :D

The music really fits the game, good choices. It is a very exciting experience and I'm surprised you only made this in one day 5/5

I enjoyed that a lot, very sad ending and fun mechanics

What a creative story and the level structure, like spyderbyte says below is really good. There was a variety of enemies. I'm surprised to hear this is only your second game as I can't put how much I enjoyed this short little project in words

First playthrough score:21075

Nice Work, 5/5 stars

quite enjoyable game

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my only issue with this game is it seems easy and objectiveless but other than that it's really relaxing and easy to waste time on

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I love this, it's such a cute game 5/5! I can't wait for the full game to be released. It's also really funny, love the "don't think of it as tree blood but as delicious tree blood" thing in the shop!

Fantastic Game dude, 10/10. The puzzles are not hard to the point of being frustrating and are really satisfying to solve and I have a soft spot for the sound design not even being sarcastic...  So I don't know whether this is an intended feature of the game, or whether it is a glitch, but when I hover over the vent in the girl's room upstairs, it says "hand button: Inspect Vent" which suggests you can click it but whenever I clicked it, nothing happened. In my first playthrough, when I solved the AC puzzle, I intuitively went to the vent in the girl's room instead of the actual vent with the key,  because I thought it would be the one with the key. I did figure it out eventually so no big deal, just thought I'd let you know

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This happened in multiple playthroughs

I play in browser