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Very nice, really enjoyed this! Took about 55 minutes to beat. Good polish, only thing I noticed was that sometimes the timing/durations of the texts was a bit long that I had already assumed that there won't be a follow-up dialog coming up, and then accidentally clicked on the screen to continue, but ended up dismissing the dialog instead.

After learning to account for that, play was smooth!

Good writing :)

This is a masterpiece! :)

I wonder about the level selection: it is possible to choose levels 1-16, but it looks like 16 is not the last level, but the game does get harder even after that? If one starts at level 16, it looks like there will be two birds and two balconies, but after a few levels, the number of balconies will go up to four.

I wonder if there is a level limit after which all the levels will be of equal difficulty, or will the game get harder indefinitely some way? (max bird speed seem to be a little bit faster also in after level 16)

Definitely 5/5 arcade game mechanics, great work!

Really cool game for the C64! So many good things about the game, the atmosphere and the pacing is fun, and the music is great.

As for weak points, the fighting is a bit tedious, as is the searching for missed items as the game map gets bigger. The repetitive music exaggerates the tediousness a bit. And it was really hard, only few lives and instant death traps did not mix well :( I was unable to finish it on a C64 after several tries, and eventually frustrated and reverted to playing it on an emulator with save scumming.

Although, feels odd to write so much about the negative points, since the game was definitely an entertaining experience! Got a little bit of C64 Treasure Island vibe to it with the structuring, and ending atmosphere somehow reminded of Pitfall 2. Looking forward to playing your other titles!

Very nice, enjoyed playing!

Nice arcade mechanics!

Nice! Enjoyable boss fight :)

Very cool! Although could not get past the enemy in the first screen :( Awesome job capturing the atmosphere!

Phew still got the Pong skillz! Nice one :)

Yay for CGA color option! :)

Haha, this was really cool! Died 51 times. :)

Oddly I was unable to run the game again a second time, but when returning got a black screen with "uncaught exception: abort(101). Build with -s ASSERTIONS=1 for more info." message in the console. (got stuck in the first walljump part the first time and was not able to figure out what to do there)

Really well done! Nice game design, and well put together. One issue was that after the game had started and when I got grip of how the game plays, I had trouble figuring out which corner was my goal, and ended up figuring that out by observing the three other corners that the other dogs kept running into, and excluding those. Points for design and originality!

Nice entry! Points for originality - have not played a freeform moving snake game before using mouse lookat scheme. Also points for using Comic Sans! It's the font of choice, never leaves anyone cold. :)

Liked this, nice theme and music!

Oddly got lost in the second 2 + 3 /5 level where if I push two to the plus, it became a two, and if I pushed + to the 3, it also became 3. There must be some trick there, but not sure what :) (or should it have become 2+ and 3+, not sure)