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Haha, this was really cool! Died 51 times. :)

Oddly I was unable to run the game again a second time, but when returning got a black screen with "uncaught exception: abort(101). Build with -s ASSERTIONS=1 for more info." message in the console. (got stuck in the first walljump part the first time and was not able to figure out what to do there)

Really well done! Nice game design, and well put together. One issue was that after the game had started and when I got grip of how the game plays, I had trouble figuring out which corner was my goal, and ended up figuring that out by observing the three other corners that the other dogs kept running into, and excluding those. Points for design and originality!

Nice entry! Points for originality - have not played a freeform moving snake game before using mouse lookat scheme. Also points for using Comic Sans! It's the font of choice, never leaves anyone cold. :)

Liked this, nice theme and music!

Oddly got lost in the second 2 + 3 /5 level where if I push two to the plus, it became a two, and if I pushed + to the 3, it also became 3. There must be some trick there, but not sure what :) (or should it have become 2+ and 3+, not sure)