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I was a 90's kid so I love these classic survival horror games. I have been watching and waiting for this game since I played the original demo on YouTube. Can't wait to see more from this classic.

Fun action packed gameplay can't wait for chapter 3!

Very cool I am back for chapter 2! It would be nice to have a restart level option at the end of a level in case you miss a secret or want to get a better run.

Looks awesome! I enjoyed the demo I love PS1 horror games they just don't make them like they used to. I would love to see this as a full game on Steam but I can understand wanting to experiment with other things as well.

Really cool game loved it! The PS1 style really adds to the atmosphere and great ending.  

Will this support the Index?

When I use this mod it skips all the dialog and cutscenes like it's on fast forward. How do I fix it?

Thanks for making this game it's super fun! I'm happy you liked my videos and found inspiration.

I beat it! What a rush whew. I noticed a keycode for a door and a computer that wanted a code so now I'm wondering if I missed out on some things?

I can't beat mission 8. With endless troops swarming me from the start of the mission I can only survive a few seconds. Maybe I'm doing it wrong I dono.

looks cool when does the PC version come?

Fun game nice art style. I'm not very good at this genre of game lol. I did a video.

This was a fun little game I enjoyed it :) 

Super fun game I loved it!

Awesome fun game I love it. Love to see more. :)

This was an interesting horror game good work.

Awesome I can't wait! I loved the first game.

I played this game a while back it was pretty fun I liked it. I also did a video.

I enjoyed this game it was fun and gave me a workout lol. I love the art style and the music. Good job. ^_^