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the first thing that popped to my mind --

somehow the characters colors n they arguing kinda remind me of "unfriendly hater" - youtube) tbh 

(1 edit)

broo why is toasty so pretty like - the last picture in his route got me like - DAMN *edit* nawr the bonus stories r calling for me to get all the routes 馃槒

this rly says "dont judge a book by its cover " btw i rly loved it - i played it for hours lol but kinda sad too 

the touch grass task caught me -

i feel like i have done something great after getting all the endings... whooo keep up the good work !!

1 thing : yes . i mean - hot 

THIS IS SOCUTE - the ending hnifvj

the cuteness WAAA

PLSS the title of the restaurant at the good ending - HAHAHAH ... anyways the scene where they make out - EHEM . this is one of my fave games probably hueheu ... and its a rly cute game in my opinion hh k