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Great Demo

That moment in the toilet hahaha

keep up the good work mate

Great Work mate

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Can't wait for your next project

Creepy Old Man

What A Nightmare

Can't Wait to play your next project


What is that thing

As promised

Dont play this game if you have claustrophobia

Very good concept for an indie game. This game is really worth playing

Great Job Max Horror, cant wait for your next project

what a good concept for a short game

Thank you for always developing very entertaining games. Keep it up.

Hunted by a hungry monkey. great game

Definitely a good game

As usual, very cool game

Certainly a very good game

Love this game atmosphere

This game deserved to be longer

I cant solve the locked box puzzle

Good game. Keep up the good work

Creepy old man

Twisted ending

This game need to be longer

This game deserve to be longer. Great job mate

I finished all the endings including the secret ending. Great game

This game Remind me of Outlast

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Can't wait to play the full version

You better don't turn off the lights in this game

I just want to eat

How the h*** he can walk like that

As always. Nice game

Pretty good Concept. Can't wait for your next project.

Definitely not gonna work on this place

Can't wait for your next project. Good Work