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I can't recall. I think I was around wave 16 or something? It cost around 279 coins to upgrade if I remember, and I had over 300 at the time, but couldn't upgrade fire rate further. 

Always happy to give feedback. Plus, Stoff's my boy. Great lil jam game. 

Fun lil game. I got to a point where, despite having the funds, I wasn't able to upgrade my fire rate any further! 

Sometimes it felt like my projectile also went over the heads of enemy dice without hurting them.

Otherwise great game!

Fun little physics simulation. 

Gives me 2000s flash game vibes

I love how the hammer is all jiggly.

I got a high-score of 167 on M+K before things got too hectic for me haha. 

Fun little game!

I won by sparing every single mole. 

Protip: I used a technique where you can capture a new mole in the same swing as when you toss a currently held mole.

This was a fun little game. The ending got a nice chuckle out of me. 

Highly recommend anyone playing this use a controller! 

Everyone reading this expect a nice visual update accompanied by more levels and bug fixes soon!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the art :)

Fun little concept. 

I enjoyed what you did with this so far. Thanks for the game, Stoff!

Heck yeah, Unity gamer! 

Good luck and have fun!

I loved making the art for this. Even if I neglected sleep a bit :^)