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concept; low chance that when you defeat one of the Mouth Crawlers in the meat core area, you get one as an item and are able equip it in the same way you would the sex toys from New Ark

the ero gauge increasing from it works in the same way that the Black Bra? item works when you have the hypersensitive nipples status

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A couple ideas to use at your discretion; 

-Sidequest line where if the lust doll achieves level 50+ in any given stat, they have the opportunity to meet an eldritch god if they walk into a very specific rock in the Abandoned Town

-In any area besides New Ark or Transylvania, you can randomly encounter a Shapeshifter who randomly takes the form of any NPC that you've met, draws you close, and then either attempts to kill you or attempts to fuck you to death. results may vary based on player reaction (and resistance stat)

Some Requests;

-Could you add a few more scenes that induce Anal Pregnancy or Cumflation? There's, like, one of each so far

-Speaking of Cumflation, I think it'd be fitting for the Succubus's defeat sequence (should you fail the Nimble check) to induce the Cumflation status

-Maybe there should be, like, horse stables at the Milk Farm? I mean, they have to carry milk across the wastelands somehow, and there could prolly be a bit more improvement content there

-Bestiality Shrine in the Sanctum which toggles feral dog enemies in Abandoned Town, giant slug enemies in the Forbidden Forest, and allows you to be fucked by the horses in the Milk Farm from the previous suggestion

-let us steal guns from the new ark city police department /hj

I mean. yeah

just equip feminine outfits as a male character, it's simple as that

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Q1: Was Rinny as a character created before, or after you put her in Lust Doll?

Q2: What inspired the whole meat aesthetic for the deserted base? Furthermore, what inspired the creation of Mistrya?

Q3: Was Edith born out of necessity? I can't help but feel like her sprites have less life to them (pun unintended) than some other character sprites do.

Q4: Do the Sanctums have any lore relevance, or are they purely a gameplay mechanic?


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if i remember right, you said that you were gonna give kitty a sidequest line

left-field request: lust doll and kitty have a conversation that gets bizarrely existential and ends with kitty having a whole-ass panic attack

do with that idea as you will, i think it would be very interesting

impregnation regardless of gender, to be particular

an idea for you to use at your call; an Insect enemy in the Forest which can inflict a pregnancy status if you lose to it

noted for future reference!

1. Noted

2. When you have the Hypersensitive Nipples status condition, and you wear the Cursed Bra, you get a scene when your ERO gauge reaches full. That sort of thing, but for any item that passively increases your ERO gauge, when your ERO gauge reaches 100%

4. hmm, alternate idea then; if you interact with an NPC while you're at 1% HP or lower, then you get a special scene where they try to help you recover, the method varying depending on which NPC you go to

on a sidenote, what are your pronouns? i don't think i ever caught them

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Random ideas to potentially use at your call;

1. Voodoo Doll item. you buy it from Dalvie, and you can give it to any of the major NPCs. From there, it works like the Meat Parasites/Cursed Underwear, randomly increasing your ERO gauge (or decreasing your stamina, in the case you give it to Alissa or Bell) with little bits of flavortext depending on who you gave the doll to. I'd imagine that the status would be easy-ish to program, given the similarity I'm imagining with status effects that are similar? But I don't use RPG maker MV enough to know

2. The thing that happens when you max your ERO gauge with the hypersensitive nipples cursed bra combo happens on the next tick when you max out your ERO gauge with any ERO-bar-increasing equipable. (This is mostly because this idea is very appealing to me)

3. Gambling Minigame on the Island, maybe? I think there being Strip-Poker on the island would be very fitting for it

4. An enemy that inflicts a Bleeding/Bloodsoaked status effect, I just think it'd be interesting to see how the NPCs would individually react to you strolling in covered in blood

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general outline of the sidequest i have in mind;

in a 2.5% chance when entering the wastelands, you encounter an enemy in a western getup. 

you're handed a forced loss to this person (you can't really tell gender based on first appearances; also the eyes in their portrait are hidden by their hat), and you get fake-out bad ending where you get shot in the gut and begin reminiscing on your (rather short) life.

you then wake up in a bed with the person who nearly just KILLED you sitting on a stool, to which they quote skyrim ("Hey, you. You're finally awake.") before telling you how they took you to their town's hospital and how you're currently healing. The person's name is Exiye, a notably androgynous boy with a very keen eye for things (in-battle, homeboy has a Lvl 99 in senses)

You wake up with 0 stamina, and the beds in this town don't give you any stamina back. After exploring the town, you realize you have no idea where you are, so you'll have to wait on the train in order to get out of this town; and said town only gets a train out/in every week, so you're stuck waiting for a few days. Hijinks ensue, including (but not limited to if you think of something). Doing just one of these things opens up the last one on this list.

-Wooing Exiye
-Wooing Padra (town bartender, she's notably scarred. physically or emotionally is up to you)

-Meet the town whore, Khrie (has one scene for every option in the sanctum. they will make fun of you no matter which one you pick, which will be either light-hearted or destructive if you have the added humiliation fetish option in the sanctum toggled)

-Figuring out the local church is worshipping... You?
-Obtaining a voodoo doll

And, last, but definitely not least;

-Finding out that this town in the middle of nowhere is actually literal goddamn purgatory. 

you take the train shortly after you discover this, and wake up in either Cassie's Safehouse with Cassie, The bedrooms of Succubus Tower with Rinny, or UNA's Hospital with Fawn, depending on which girl you've made the most progress with. You also get appearances from the minor characters if you have them unlocked! (Gin, Alissa, Nymosa and Nymph in the safehouse, Bell and Pixie in the succubus tower, and Cless, Kitty, Arlene and Sammy in the UNA hospital.)

You can visit this town again after this sidequest, but only occasionally; the Purgatory Train has a 25% chance of appearing between days, and if you miss it, you gotta wait on it again.

apology accepted

ah you gotta be fuckin KIDDING ME

have i seen her do WHAT

I have next to everything in the game, is it a patreon-exclusive?

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I never have the option to use the cock growth spell in Cassie's dungeon scenes, am I just missing something?

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Q1: Are we gonna get Auto-Dildo/Auto-Cocksleeve scenes with Kitty? Or, just. Any new content with Kitty? I fuckin' love 'em and I really want more stuff revolving around them

Q2; Not a question, but like. please let us use the cock growth spell on Cassie, she's the only character out of the ones you can take to the dungeon who can't have that spell used on her and it makes me unreasonably distraught

Q3; should I even format me having several questions like this because it feels like it'd be more convenient to be able to answer each question separately but i feel like it could get old after a while

Q4; Can I commission the addition of a sidequest line idea I've been formulating? And if I can, what would be the cost?

Request; Can you add an imp tail to the tails catalogue? You know, like the ones the succubi/incubi have? I have two characters who are demons in their lore, but I'm stuck using one of the reptile tails as a placeholder for where a demon tail would be.

fixed kimonos indicating WHAT


is the foot fetish content there because it's your fetish, or because you're catering to people who have that fetish

also how tf do you pronounce gin's name

OHHHH it's a senses check

Question; What was your general thought process in the design for Kitty? I notice that all of their clothes can be found in the New Ark City mall.

stopping time in particular has a better impact in my mind for the sexual applications

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hon i think you placed a tile in the wrong spot here

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giving the stopwatch to Linda immediately triggers a bad end

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Concept for an item, the Time-Stopwatch

It's a stopwatch that, as you'd presume, lets you stop time. Maybe it's bought off of Dalvie? idk, all I do know is that it'd 100% be a Transylvania item of some sort, maybe part of the Forest Park if you push it

When activated in battle, it lets you stop time, but gradually drains your MP by 3 - 30 (depending on your Mys level) for every turn you have time stopped for. This is mostly just for balancing reasons, I'd imagine canonically it works like the stopwatch in that Simpson's episode did

I'm also imagining that it can also be used in scenarios like the BDSM Dungeon, Kitty's room, etc., to presumable results (come on what game do you think we're talking about here), i also imagine that it's potentially giftable to the other characters? Fawn and Rinny, in particular, I don't know how Alissa, Cassie or Bell would react to it.

On a sidenote, mini bug report; During the fight with Linda in the Dungeon before you can sufficiently wrangle her,  she attacks herself for one point of self-damage before attacking you. I don't know why, but it happened a lot during my fight with her

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me when lust doll update

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i am indeed talking about being overweight! mostly because I am overweight

in my defense i am trying to work off the 30 pounds of weight I shouldn't have, but being able to represent me being a chunky little turd at the moment would be neat


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maybe??? but i kinda doubt it??? what's a few more megabytes of data to hold the audio files

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Suggestion for a future update; Ambience and more sound effects, maybe even some background music if you REALLY wanna push it

like, the occasional SFX after minutes of silence gets kinda hollow after a long time of playing the game? the visuals and writing already carry the game, so some extra flair would be rather pleasing (also so i dont have to put something on in the background while playing the game)

also! on a more personal note!

can we get a plotline with the incubus? like, i know alissa got a plotline, and she's already got the "generic enemy turns into a main character" gimmick, but just. men,,,

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if the plush doll in the science lab is revealed to have once been owned by kitty i am going to fucking sob

furthermore, is alissa's sidequest on a cliffhanger 'til next update or is there a resolution as of now

let us give npcs cheese. i beg of you

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Are the MPreg, Cumflation, and Traps kinks in the sanctum actually in the game yet? because I haven't seen even ONE implementation in my run on version 33.1 yet

Additionally, whats the deal with the "handsome college professor" that the fortune teller keeps yappin' about? I presume he ain't in the game yet, based on the fact I haven't seen him once

ALSO what's with the weird fish. is it a joke item. will it ever have/gain plot relevance. what is the deal with its funky-ass hot-ass smile. find out next time on Lust Doll Plus