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Looking forward to playing this!

Such an addictive game! The only thing missing IMO is a high-score save feature. Would be awesome if you could still add that. Otherwise, well done on a brilliant addictive game.

Yes, the issues is gone in v1.0.5. Wow, 140k is excellent. Right now my goal is to pass 100k. 280k is just insane! 

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Hi, having a separate score ranking for each difficulty level in v1.0.4 is great, but unfortunately the in-game high score display is now wrong - it always displays 10k now, regardless of what the actual high score for the current difficulty is. Would be super happy if this was fixed. Again, otherwise fantastic game (my best high score so far: 85k on normal).

> Also because those who play Lady Pac on PAL get used to it and don't realize that it is slightly slower than on NTSC.

Well, I noticed, didn't I? I get you don't feel like making the changes. If I'm motivated enough, maybe I'll disassemble and make the changes myself.  Thanks anyway for a great game. Cheers.

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What a great game! I ❤ Ms. Pac-Man, and Lady Pac is a big improvement! The bonus rounds and randomly generated mazes have kept me playing for hours. Only gripe: it's a tad slow on PAL systems. Could you perhaps provide an option on the title screen to adjust the game speed the way e.g. Jumpman Jr. does?

Edit: or maybe you could provide two binaries: one for PAL systems and one for NTSC so that the game runs at the same speed? I find the speed of the game under VICE in NTSC mode to be perfect, with PAL it's sluggish, but that's just my 2c (I have a PAL C64 at home and would love to play the game at full speed on real h/w).

I absolutely love the music in this game. Is it possible to purchase the soundtrack as MP3/Ogg?