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Revo Sega

A member registered Nov 07, 2022

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Nice, but why such a small game need 16KB of RAM? If using only 8KB of RAM a Master System port would be easy.

Yeah of course, I'll send you a PM on smspower ;)

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Really nice port! If I gave you SFX & Music in VGM or MIDI, can you add them to the game?

Thank you for the quick fix, it seems like there is no glitch anymore. Can start playing now! Too bad use paypal only, I can't buy the game at the end :/

Hey, looks like a nice game but it's glitchy on real hardware. Your accessing the VDP too fast with your port at $19A6. Please use Emulicious to see how you game run on real hardware. Emulicious debugger is great, you should have no problem fixing that ;) I'll buy the game as soon as it's fixed. Cheers.


Hey, there is some garbage on real hardware and accurate emulators, there is a fast access to the VDP that I fixed, where should I send you the fix?

Nice game! But not running on Emulicious (best emulator) or real hardware. It seems like your accessing the VDP too fast by not paying attention to any delays.