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this game was lovely and very wholesome. as someone who has struggled with many, many people not believing that i do suffer from my illness, i can really understand what the protagonist is going through. i really cared about what was going to happen, and even though it is a pretty short play, i enjoyed it very much. the art style is simple but in a good way, and the colour choices were pleasing to look at.

i love visual novels in general, but ones that are short and sweet are even higher on my list.  this one was pretty charming, but the characters could of used a bit more development (in my opinion) but i do understand that that was not the main focus. another criticism i have is that it would've been nice to have less black screens, but the game was still a fun play nonetheless. (and high quality for a free game!).i really hope to see more games like this in the future, especially exploring such important topics such as non-obvious illnesses and/or disabilities. great work! :)