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I liked both concepts and hope that if you ever get the inspiration to make either of these in to full games that you do so especially the second one.

While I can't say it is good, I think you are on to something with this. I hopw to see more games from you.

I really want to see what the non prototype version would be now.

Pure and adorable.

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Pure and adorable. My only issue is no music but otherwise it is perfect for what you set out to do.

Is there a secret area in this onw as well? I haven't found one but thanks to the last three having them I keep feeling like I miss something.

This remake is very good and the scares were very well made but I felt like the maniquenes themselves were not as frightening. They just looked very cartoony and did not seem threatening at all while in the original the humanoid ones invoked the uncanny valley and seemed more threatening.

Why do I feel like Mochi's cousin is the reason for the end?

That friggin jerk.

You guys sincerly have something good going on here. I hope this becomes a full game one day and I would genueinly pay money to buy it.