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Hahaha wow. I did not think they were randomly generated. Some of them felt very very similar though. That's pretty impressive. Good job man.

its really hard. there's someone in the thread that made it to the 3 wizards on top. i couldn't get that far. but then he died to the crazy skeleton. i'd slow the rate of fire of the skeletons and i think that would balance it out.

I played the game for a bit until I figured it out.
What I forgot to say in the video was that... the game feels empty. The rooms are way too big. The tiles on the bottom are boring. But the base concept of it is really good. If you expanded on this some more I'd love it, maybe have a forest setting or a jungle or even a city, give it some life... right now it just feels like I'm in a test chamber I did some reviews for other games but with this I really didn't have much to say I just played through it and didn't make a lot of observations and I'm sorry for that. Here you go.

i did a little video on your game.

i did a little video on your frustrating game longest one for that matter 11:27

So I played your game for about 5 minutes. Got spooked and then I stopped. Good stuff. Also I did a little first impression thing.

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played your game and did a little video on it.

I tried launching the game off my linux machine and I couldn't get to download it because I didn't have WebGL with either Firefox or Chromium http://i.imgur.com/4UJbkUU.png

i did a little video thing about your game.

I did a little video/first impression thing about your game.