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THIS is definitely your best game by far, Jordi! Well done... Kinda bittersweet with the ending, though haha :D

This game, in my opinion, is not as great as The Shopping List and The Final Pin. But, still a good game though :)

I missed out on this game, somehow. But hey, it's worth a try! :)

This game is much better than the previous episode! Keep up the good work, Jeremy! I really look forward to Episode 3! :)

I've always been a fan of found footage style games, suitable for casuals like me :)

An intense 20 minutes... 8/10 from me! :)

Premiere tomorrow :)

For the first game ever made, this is impressive :)
Could be better, but this is a very good first step for you :)

7/10 from me, could be as high as 7,5/10 though :)

Premiere on 23 February at 13:00 GMT :)

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Scary yet funny game lmao :)))

I'm still not sure what's going on with the audio when the TV is on, though...

Overall... 8,5/10 from me! :)

Premiere today at 13:00 GMT :)

Very well made, dev! 8/10 from me! Could be as high as 9/10 though 😅

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Even though this game is confusing at times, but overall... It was a good experience, if not great. 7/10 from me :)

Premiere on 17 Feb at 13:00 GMT :)

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This game is even better than the first FeedVid! A much more immersive experience! :)

Overall, it's a pretty good game... 7/10 from me :) It's a shame that I couldn't press E when I tried to read two notes...

This video will premiere soon :)

It's a jumpscare festival lol :) Well done! :)

This video will premiere soon :)

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This is honestly, a pretty dark game lol. Very well made! :)

This video will premiere tomorrow! :)

This is not one of those games that will jump-scare me even though there were some moments that got me freaked out. In my opinion, the biggest strength of this game is the atmosphere. Very well made :)

This video will premiere tomorrow :)

Haha this is adorable but still terrifying :)

Shivers all over my body...

In short, I like it :)

This game is... Confusing...

But the graphic and the game mechanics (right hand/left hand/movement) are alright :)

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Overall, it's a very good short horror experience :) Check out the video down below :)

However, I don't really understand what's exactly inside that book... Is that just a book with verses from the bible in it to fight against the devil? Or something else?

Also... There's a problem with the language in this game.

I'm not trying to say that that I'm 100% good in English, because I'm not. But, I think English in this game needs to be improved, especially the wording. Every day is a school day :)

Looking forward to your next project :)

The biggest troll I've had in 2020, period

No wonder why this game is highly rated on, well done :)

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It's a short experience, but effective :)

Feel free to give this video a like and subscribe to this channel! :)

I've finally beat this game! This is the second part :)

If you don't wear your mask, YOU... SHALL NOT... PASS!

The worst orphanage ever, period

Yeah, but not one of the others 🤣

Enjoy! 💙

This game will probably traumatize every babysitter out there 🤣

Jumpscare festival 👏

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I've never experienced the second-person game until I tried this... Tbf, it's pretty good :)

P.S. : I apologize for the lags in the first 1,5 minutes

Your pleasure is mine! :)
I'm wondering what you're going to improve in this game :)

So, I accidentally played this game without a flashlight lol

The game starts at 5:12

The game starts at 2:42

The game starts at the very first second :)

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Moral of the story: Don't be late, because you might get killed

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Your pleasure is mine! :)

This is probably one of the main reasons why you shouldn't stay in the toilet for a long time...

Another nice game :) I love this kind of visual novel :)

Lovely! Thank you! I will release the full gameplay very soon :)