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Revenant Games

A member registered Mar 10, 2020

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An intense 20 minutes... 8/10 from me! :)

Premiere tomorrow :)

For the first game ever made, this is impressive :)
Could be better, but this is a very good first step for you :)

7/10 from me, could be as high as 7,5/10 though :)

Premiere on 23 February at 13:00 GMT :)

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Scary yet funny game lmao :)))

I'm still not sure what's going on with the audio when the TV is on, though...

Overall... 8,5/10 from me! :)

Premiere today at 13:00 GMT :)

Very well made, dev! 8/10 from me! Could be as high as 9/10 though 馃槄

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Even though this game is confusing at times, but overall... It was a good experience, if not great. 7/10 from me :)

Premiere on 17 Feb at 13:00 GMT :)

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This game is even better than the first FeedVid! A much more immersive experience! :)

Overall, it's a pretty good game... 7/10 from me :) It's a shame that I couldn't press E when I tried to read two notes...

This video will premiere soon :)

It's a jumpscare festival lol :) Well done! :)

This video will premiere soon :)

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This is honestly, a pretty dark game lol. Very well made! :)

This video will premiere tomorrow! :)

This is not one of those games that will jump-scare me even though there were some moments that got me freaked out. In my opinion, the biggest strength of this game is the atmosphere. Very well made :)

This video will premiere tomorrow :)

Haha this is adorable but still terrifying :)

Shivers all over my body...

In short, I like it :)

This game is... Confusing...

But the graphic and the game mechanics (right hand/left hand/movement) are alright :)

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Overall, it's a very good short horror experience :) Check out the video down below :)

However, I don't really understand what's exactly inside that book... Is that just a book with verses from the bible in it to fight against the devil? Or something else?

Also... There's a problem with the language in this game.

I'm not trying to say that that I'm 100% good in English, because I'm not. But, I think English in this game needs to be improved, especially the wording. Every day is a school day :)

Looking forward to your next project :)

The biggest troll I've had in 2020, period

No wonder why this game is highly rated on, well done :)

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It's a short experience, but effective :)

Feel free to give this video a like and subscribe to this channel! :)

I've finally beat this game! This is the second part :)

If you don't wear your mask, YOU... SHALL NOT... PASS!

The worst orphanage ever, period

Yeah, but not one of the others 馃ぃ

Enjoy! 馃挋

This game will probably traumatize every babysitter out there 馃ぃ

Jumpscare festival 馃憦

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I've never experienced the second-person game until I tried this... Tbf, it's pretty good :)

P.S. : I apologize for the lags in the first 1,5 minutes

Your pleasure is mine! :)
I'm wondering what you're going to improve in this game :)

So, I accidentally played this game without a flashlight lol

The game starts at 5:12

The game starts at 2:42

The game starts at the very first second :)

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Moral of the story: Don't be late, because you might get killed

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Your pleasure is mine! :)

This is probably one of the main reasons why you shouldn't stay in the toilet for a long time...

Another nice game :) I love this kind of visual novel :)

Lovely! Thank you! I will release the full gameplay very soon :)

I'm looking forward to your latest update, because it seems the game is having a bug...

Not bad for a short horror game, keep up the good work :)

This chicken is haunting you...

Interesting game :)

This game is not what it seems 馃憖