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Bride of Frankenstein

A member registered May 28, 2023

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I haven't finished reading this book yet, but I am confident that Ms. Wall Parker has the most beautiful soul and the most magnificent ideas, and this book is worth turning into physical objects.I also have some problemes, and this book resonates with me.I AM SORRY, I can't pay a single amount. I hope you can achieve the printing goal.

This is simply the best Christmas present ever. Would you allow me to translate it into Chinese? I really want to share this with others!

yeahhh!Love you,bro!

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Hi John!

Will you still add new community copies? I've been staring but never caught one,so……please? A lot of thanks!

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【规则译文】超轻量级OSR《地下城的世界》by John Harper

I made a Chinese translation. I wish you know that Chinese players will also love this game.

Thank you!!I jumped out of bed and cheered

I'm ashamed to say that the $10 gaming cost is really a lot for me, who is still struggling with college tuition fees, so I hope to obtain a community copy. Also, if possible, I would like to translate this game into Chinese.

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Hi, I am the Chinese translator of this book. I successfully resolved the network issue and registered this account. I just want to say that this rule is really great, It is a particularly easy, fun, and suitable game for beginners.I love it!

I am struggling so don't have money to pay for my hobbies, so you can imagine how touched I would be when I saw free copies of this game. The Evil hat is truly the kindest hat in the world.