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A member registered Dec 30, 2016

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also a bug that i found if you stand at the very edge of a foundation it shows that you are swimming and the shark comes after you and hurts you.

I love this game and this game could turn out to be a bigger hit than games like ark and subnautica but I have some things you should add night and day cycle, chests, different, plant types, small island that wont affect the floating on a raft game, a hard mode that has less floating elements to build your raft 2 sharks instead of 1 the 1 shark could also just be stronger in health and strangth and make it so in normal mode you can spawn back in to your raft (this could ruin the game so add that if you please),different fish types, different shark types, and please add chests. I hope you read this and add some of these things into the game in future updates i know that game developing is hard to do but these are just thing that I thik could be cool.