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Nice game! I like that you can customise your play style (I upped the fire rate on the second play through). I really like that the planets are characters with bold personalities :)

Thanks for playing! We're really glad you enjoyed destroying our peaceful little planet for fun. The post mortem report suggested that too many giant drill-shaped holes in the planet were the cause of death. Personally, I don't really buy into that science voodoo; I just think the planet was just weak and probably gave up too easily.

Some events are scripted (an alien always appear to great you with a crystal reception - we are starting to suspect he might actually be their Head of Planetary Tourism) and the rest are randomised, but some events and actions unlock others. Running out of fuel or maxing our your ecology meter will trigger events and usually a slow and painful death shortly after.

Legends say that if both you and the planet can survive long enough and you pay your crystal tribute in Esteban's cave, you might be graced with a visit from the Holy One. But I'm sure you know that legends are usually just liberal propaganda. Anyway, nice talking to you but I gotta get back to drilling me some crystals before the boss shouts at me some more.

But he then destroyed it with a big drill.

Yes! Someone understood the drill mini-game puzzle!! All planets are actually just there to be ruined by humans with big drills for profit.

That's good feedback for future development. There was a beautiful style guide and colour scheme, but scope creep and the feedback that the UI/tutorials were too unclear caused the developer to murder the artist's beautiful style guide in the final hours of the jam. A bit like how you murdered the hexoplanet.

Don't feel guilty; Esteban survived. He is eternal (praise be his name). But no one else did. Don't feel guilty though, like I said. It's just an alien species. They probably weren't even advanced enough to have hopes and dreams to rob or anything so no biggie.

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Thanks! We really wanted to explore building a planet and ecosystem that looked different to our own and so we are glad that you can visualise it too. Our designer did a great job creating interesting terrain tiles, but also a ground-level view of many of those terrains to help bring our vision to life :)

So funny! Great, completely original concept. Really funny characters and amazing 3D artwork and sound design for a jam. That there is no need for a tutorial or written instructions, means great design work to make such a clear experience given it is such a unique concept and take on the theme.

Seconded. Outstanding in every aspect I could score on - the atmosphere is very cleverly build with sound design, the amazing artwork and clever thematic text and increasing level difficulty. Best I've played so far. I take my hat off to you!

One request: Please map SPACE to jump. It's really hard to unlearn SPACE = jump whilst my poor, slow brain tries to also comprehend your amazing puzzles in realtime and I died a lot more than I would have liked because I was hitting the wrong key under pressure.

I just want to move to the purple planet and make my home there :)

Nice sound - great lighting design and rope swinging effect. For me the controls were a challenge as the character would continue moving after I stopped inputting direction keys on my landing and I kept landing in the spikes.  The fast respawn  helped but I didn't get as far into the game as I would have otherwise because I suck at the controls.

Contender for best music of the jam? I really liked chilling out and flying between planets. The tutorial was short and it was easy to work out what I needed to do.

I found that as the game went on, the other planets were really far away and I'd sometimes be stuck for a very long time with nothing to do but wait. It was relaxed, but a little too long in my opinion. Perhaps a zoom out so that I can see more planets would help :)

Great game.

One of my favourites of the jam so far. A nice, simple balancing mechanic that adds constant tension. I really like the light and dark side of the planet mechanic.

I think it would be nice to better be able to see or understand the aliens' movements, but I really like the ominous tone that they just get you. Also, the perhaps some of the tutorial tips could be cycled in game as it is quite a lot to remember on the first few plays and I JUST WANA play all the games.

Great work and thanks for sharing

Our first Jam! Thanks for organising and building such a welcoming community.

I hope you enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed making it... with fewer bugs