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Thanks, that's what I thought, I wanted to have things like shrinking bubbles and birds and other stuff but ran out of time sadly. Yea I meant for it to be mobile but made it work on PC so more people would be able to play it. 

Thanks for the kind words!

Thanks for the support! I mainly targeted it at mobile but wanted to make it as easy to play as possible so made web and PC versions too. 

I think I used Chiptone although BFXR is another similar tool, they're good for making simple placeholder sounds so pretty handy for jams. 

Yea I understand, I'm a programmer to so making anything more than basic art and particles is difficult for me too. As far as sounds go I just ended up using a tool to generate some as I don't really know anything about creating sounds from scratch. Suppose you will improve each jam though. Hopefully see some more from you in future jams!!

Really interesting concept!

The pathfinding of the fish was cool and their behaviour did encourage me to try a few different strategies to score more points such as following around the angler fish or waiting for schools of fish to group together before rushing in to catch them all in one snap.  I think one thing you could have done given some time might have been to give the player a scale to compare themselves against so maybe have medals if you score above certain thresholds. Overall I enjoyed the game though, good work!

This game is great. The amount of polish is astounding given the time constraints. Switching between sea and sky was smooth and the art was good for both environments. The parallax on the background was a nice touch, as was having different projectiles going forward and backwards so you could still hit enemies both ways. I can see a lot of thought went into this and to see so much being accomplished by a single person is pretty inspiring!

I like the concept you were going for here. It's somewhat similar to what I chose to go for in my entry.  I managed to complete the game so everything seemed to be working as intended, the only issue I had was the controls were a bit confusing at times since sometimes when I clicked the fish seemed to go faster than others.  That said, the gameplay was good and with some more puzzles and a bit of polish this could be a pretty neat mobile game.

The game was pretty fun. Being able to recover when you fell into the water was a nice touch and the recovery animation was cool.  I do think that the addition of some more feedback for shooting and collecting stars such as sound effects or particles would have been good to add extra polish. Overall though I enjoyed it and it's good considering the time constraints of the jam!

Thanks for the suggestions! I would like to add some more variations to the bubbles in future as well as having some subtle animations to give them a bit more life. The timing element is a good idea too since it gives more of a sense of urgency to the game, might have a go at adding it some time next week. 

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed it. 

Yea I thought about that at one point, just ran out of time and wanted to get all the basics in really. 

Thanks for the feedback! Art isn't really a strong point for me since I'm mainly a programmer, might try and improve it a bit in future though. 

Thanks dude, there was definitely stuff I wanted to add but didn't have time! Would quite like to try and polish it for a full release though.