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A member registered Aug 30, 2020

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Great game. The low poly style do bring back the PS style in the old days.

Love it both game concept and art. Great game.

Great short horror game

Art, play concept and get spooked are nice. Great game

This game do bring the scary feel in the dark. Nice game.

Nice short horror game

I didnt bother to read the description at first which said "Not suitable for those who are easily disturbed". Then found out this game is innocent look in front then sudden twist to dark scary.Love this kind of game. 

Nice scary atmosphere. It was really dark cant see much thing which aim for the red light in the room until got the candle in next stage

This game is great. Really like the idea of split screen control that really need focus on which to do first. I wonder if possible to clear the last round with kill all the vermin?

Like the dark surrounding do bring the scare feel and the jump scare really get me hahaha