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I love underwater horror so much and this ticked all the right boxes for me. Would love to see something in a longer format from you!

This was REALLY GOOD. The slow build up was very well done and I loved being able to catch something going up the stairs while you sat on the couch! The end really got to me as well, I played it third in my video!

Atmosphere was pretty good and the jumpscares got me a few times but it could have been so much better with a faster walk speed and some more content! Looking forward to what you make in the future; I played it second in my video!

This was really good! The tension was well built throughout and although I found the ending a little anti climatic I loved the lore building with the notes. It's the first game I played in my video.

This was super interesting and I had a great time playing it, would love to see what you can do with an original scenario instead of one based so heavily on PT. I will definitely be checking out the full release though based on what you have here!

I enjoyed this for what it is! A fun, silly, short horror game. Would like to see what you can do with more time and original assets!

This one REALLY got me. I was honestly joking around in the beginning and then the turn halfway through completely caught me off guard. Would love to check out more from you!

This was wonderful, I played the demo as part of Haunted PS1 2021 and fell in love with it. It does the "meta game" idea perfectly, tons of fun. I play it second in my video!

As soon as I finished filming I went over to Steam and picked this bad boy up. Excellent game! I played the demo on my channel, it's first in the video.

[ECHOSTASIS] Prologue community · Created a new topic WOW

Went in with no expectations and was really blown away. I love the dreamlike aesthetic present everywhere and the sound design in particular (the screams during the "boss battle"!) really set me on edge. I would love to check out the full release. Its the second game I play in this video!

I really enjoyed DUE, so when I saw this game in the HPS1 2021 demo disc I knew I was in for a good time. Love the feeling of absolute isolation and the climbing mechanics are seriously satisfying. It's the first game I play in this video!

Really love the feeling of the game and the idea of a glitching VR headset. I'm not a huge fan of "being chased/inventory puzzles" type games but this one has enough charm that I definitely want to check out the full release!

Really dug this! Can't wait to check out the full release.

I think if you went a little more tongue in cheek with the dialogue it would be even better!

Truly a life affirming experience. The ending had me absolutely thrown for a loop. I played it second in my video!

I loved this! Short, sweet and to the point. The scares went from funny to legitimate very quickly. I played it first in my video!

I really enjoyed the demo and was left wanting more, which is always good! Looking forward to the full release.

Had to check out the update and I can't express how much I enjoy playing this. I mean, I think you can see the joy on my face in the video haha. Excellent job!

I explain a little more in the video but I really liked the ability to make choices in dialogue but just wished there was a little less dialogue overall. Liked the game!

I felt like this was pretty by the books but I still had a good time with it. It's the last game I play in my video!

This was super strange! It made me feel weird and was pretty trippy with some of the effects you used. It's the second game I played in my video!

Listen, I really dug your game! I thought it would be a simple PT clone but I was proven wrong. The scares were genuine and the atmosphere was really very creepy. It's the first game I play in my video!

I loved this! I didn't know whether to smile or feel horrified as I was playing and that's what I like to see haha. Awesome job!

Really enjoyed your game! I mention it in the video but it really has a feel of polish that a lot of these itchio titles don't have. Looking forward to your next project!

Really really liked this game. The atmosphere is top notch and I loved the reveal at the end without showing too much. I talk in the video about how this reminded me of Hatch and then I saw you're the same dev! Definitely going to check out your other games as well.

Hey! Played this second in my video; thought it was pretty solid, especially for a small project. Looking forward to ep 2!

I thought this was wonderfully sweet and left me with a smile on my face. :)

Hey, super great job on your first game! As I said in the video, this is better than the large majority of first projects I've played on, so keep on keeping on! Only nitpick would be I kinda got stumped looking for the first key to the attic, but did find it eventually. I look forward to your future submissions!

It's funny because I just got done watching John's video with Jo's House in it regarding this game jam and I saw your comment. Congrats on getting most popular submission!

Really loved the general atmosphere and sound design of your game. It felt like a complete package even with it's short play time. 

Unfortunately Jo bested me because I am terrible at your game haha. But man I had such a good time playing what I did!

This was such a great concept for a horror game! I loved the dark humor throughout, just felt like the ending felt a little out of place. 

Excellent little experience! Reminded me of Power Wash Simulator with the mechanics, but I loved the twist on it.

Really liked the game guys! As always with these gamejam games I wished there was more content but I understand with the time constraints. The atmosphere was top notch!

Very interesting demo! So much so that I was genuinely disappointed when it ended. Only nitpick is probably the amount of text when interacting with things. But I LOVED the little FMV cutscenes and the scares were pretty genuine. I'd love to check out the project when it's finished!


Love the heavy edutainment vibes and of course the PSX graphics, pretty unsettling when the music cuts out like that too.

Hey! Loved the game. Definitely gives you a lo-fi PT vibe but I still felt like it was it's own thing as well. Couple of the scares definitely got me too!


Love your stuff. Keep on keeping on.

What a great game about nothing!