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Thanks for putting up a fun game. I have to say it was pretty creepy yet it had funny moments!

quite alright!

I loved this too!

Review: This was freaking breathtaking! The short but sweet demo showcased clear signs of passion and attention to detail! The gameplay has such a retro feel but with designed with very contemporary design choices. The visuals gives you a hint of retro but doesn't spoil the artstyle by limiting colors or data space. The sound is the only part that isn't full retro, but guess what? THAT IS THE RIGHT CHOICE! I much dislike when retro games distort audio just to make it more "retro", and that is not the correct way to do it, the Big Boy way is the way to go!

The developers are obviously long time fans of Retro games as Punch-Out is a very hidden gem and hasn't been remade or inspired Indie games in the modern times. I would love to hear more about them and would love to invite them to a Developer talk! (DM me anytime)

TLDR; 10/10 (For now) The perfect game for Retrotime lovers, and for any contemporary indie game audience! Can't wait to see future progress!


Shorter review can be found here:

awesome artystyle

Nice throwback to mario kart and crash bandcot!

Review: An awesome game with good retro pixel feels. I would play this a gain with more like an new game plus maybe. Controls are good but require patience, which is good for retro NES-esque feeling.

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Review: The artstyle is very retro with pixel arts reminiscent of the 16-bit era. The gameplay is modernized in a very spectacular way and is fun with cooperative play. However I was unable to form a party of 3-4 players as I only had one actor not including me that was able to review this game. Please fix this in the future. However as a whole I loved this game and will be following this more!



Review: Good work on this game! The artstyle is prevalent from the Paper Mario style and very well executed. At this stage it's a 8/10 from me.

Review: Very good game with high replicability, only weak on some retro aspect. For sure 7/10.