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Nice! 😀👍

Been thinking lately, and not sure how feasible it would be, but have you considered a level editor for community sharing levels?

Nice! 🙂

I'll check this out next time I'm on the laptop.

I've played much further into the game now and I totally see what you mean about the mouse firing. I stand corrected on that one. Thanks for replying.

Good point about the accuracy. I haven't played that far yet, so I imagine that will become apparent. 

Hey Steve. Great game and a brilliant spin on the original. The only feedback I can think of right now would be redefinable keys, including the fire button option (currently mouse button only), and an option to toggle whether Miner Willy fires the way he's facing, or towards the mouse pointer. I personally found the mouse pointer directional firing a little annoying, although I know some probably prefer it that way. Joypad support might be nice too, but not essential for me personally.

Absolutely loving the look of this. AY sound effects are sweet, too! 😁

Thro' The Wall lives again! 😁

Cheers. 👍

Very exciting. Great to see your Speccy coding skills developing, and the inclusion of the wifi connectability is a real boon for the Speccy.

Perhaps sacrifice in-game music for sound FX, and just have the music playing on the menu? Or include a toggle on the menu that allows the player to choose either music or sound fx in-game.

Yeah, level 9 was a doozie. Thanks for the comment. It's nice to hear some feedback. Have you tried making any levels in the editor?

Saw your post on Facebook. This looks like it's really starting to come together now. 👍

Brilliant! Nice to know the work is appreciated, cheers.