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Thanks for your comment, and thanks for using my game! :)

You are welcome! Thanks for the share! ;)

Dear Retrobrews!
Naturally, you can re-share my game. Thank you! ^^

Naturally. :)

First, you choose the domino from the top six, by pressing either from the '1', '2', '3', or 'A', 'B', 'C' buttons., above the dominos. Then you choose a numbered place, where you want  the selected domino place. Then press to the numbered button. If the domino doesn't match, then nothing will happen. If you choose wrong domino, just press again the domino's button to unselect it.

Yes, this is a very short game, I know. ;-) This is a remake of an old hungarian game, from the early 90's.

I attached a Youtube-video, I think, the usage is clear. You click the domino's number or letter, then to the tartget place.

Thank you for your comment! :-)

Thank you for your notice, I found the error.
I used the ZX Spectrum part of the ep128 emulator. It works fine, it can load .tap and .tzx files, but... it I save, the .tap file become corrupt. The ep128 emulator itself can correctly read this bad tape (so I couldn't take notice, that this tape is bad), but any other emulators (or tape-handling tool) can't read this file.

Yet finally I fixed it:
Many thanks for the bug-report! :-)


Which emulator do you use?