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cool. keep the gamecube releases coming :)

Played that on the Amiga back in the days. Thanks for bringing memories back :)

Somehow heart touching! Thank you.

Overall a very great release. Thank you! Please consider fixing the remaining bugs, as too many efforts obviously have gone into this already.

very lovley. thanks for your efforts.

Thanks for this little cute game :)

Oh... what a pity

Why only 10 levels? :(

cute! :)

Awesome. Thanks! :)

Thanks a ton!

Hell! That' even more pervert than our Sqrzx series :D Very very very difficult... or maybe it's just the age kicking in :)

Heya Zella. Can you please add two three ingame screenshots? I can't really imagine yet, how the actual game looks like. Thanks

Thanks 🙏

Great to read, that updates are planned :)

Feel free to share the .gb :) Thanks

That looks very promising already. Looking forward to update :)

Awesome news :)

Looking very much forward for the updated game. Absolutely great work so far, guys

I died a couple of times, before I figured out you have to bounce the egg out on the upper end :) Could have read the text first I guess... :D

It's fun! Thanks a lot

Thanks for sharing! Looking forward for updates :)

Oh yeah, baby!

Awesome. Thanks!

Thanks for yet another sweet little DOS game!

heyja bahototh. i've contacted you via your contact form. thanks and regards kojo

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hej cromis. thanks for getting in touch. we already have many developers in the team and really seek only graphics help for this time. thanks and regards kojo

congrats on your first game! many more to come!

awesome! thanks for the update

Hey Jana... we gotta finish Fruit'Y 2 ;-) Hope you are doing fine.

Greetings friends,

at Retroguru we create games as a hobby, so our budget is basically not existent. If that should happen to change, we are certainly willing to adapt and find a way, which can benefit you. As for now, please do not count with that.

If you share the happiness to colloborate and work on creating nice oldschool games, and keep old computer hardware alive (we do support a wide range of odd and old hardware), please feel free to get in touch with us.

As our games run on mostly really old hardware, we challenge several restrictions such as available colors, cpu speed and many more. We seek fun in beating limitations and bringing great results to dead platforms. Surley, it's a niche... but everyone can do "normal" :)

Feel free to reach out on our page if you are interested.

Thanks for reading.



Mato, if you are still up to do some graphics... we are currently working on a real Game Boy game :)

Very cute! Well done.

Wow! That looks just awesome! Keep up the excellent work!

Go Go Go! :)

Feel free to release the ROM ;-)

Wow, now you've hit the Sega Genesis! Great!

We are awaiting a real Genesis release :-)

Yeah, now I want more :D

Nice game and it's for GBA <3 Thank you for your efforts.