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Very cute! Well done.

Wow! That looks just awesome! Keep up the excellent work!

Go Go Go! :)

Feel free to release the ROM ;-)

Wow, now you've hit the Sega Genesis! Great!

We are awaiting a real Genesis release :-)

Yeah, now I want more :D

Nice game and it's for GBA <3 Thank you for your efforts.


Great work! And now really for the NES ;-)


Feel free to release the ROM ;) Thanks.

Cool! Thanks a lot

This already looks so damn promising, can't wait! :)

Congrats on this quality game!

I like it :)

Guys, you are still working on this?

Awesome game!

Thank you for this nice release! :)

Not bad. Eager to see how this will develop in the future!

Thanks :)

Captain Cone community · Created a new topic ROM Download?

Hi, are you going to provide the ROM?

Funland community · Created a new topic First insight

As a first impression screenshots would be cool :)

Are you going to release the ROM too?

Nice release!

Cool. Thanks.

I am sure couple of people would be thankful for the .gb file :)

Most hobby project take ages :)

Guys, you are still at it?

Just <3 :)

I like it! :) Especially that you used BASIC/Amos :-D

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You can delete your personal e-mail adress. I've it! Will write ASAP. (Mail sent)


Well... it's a start! :)

Very intersting! Keep up the good work!

Looking forward to your update :)

Okay... it was fun for a few minutes :)

Very nice work done. Would have actually expect a big boss who is "bigger" ;-)

If you want help I can arrange a physical distributor for you at fair and good conditions!

Looking forward for more levels too :)