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Cute little game! Would be nice if game over showed your high score so far but overall I enjoyed this

This is a really good game. I enjoyed it so much. Well worth the money. The visuals and voice acting were incredible.

Really fun game and I've been enjoying it a lot so far! It would be cool if there was a way to reset the game so you could start again and try other routes. Apart from that its a well written game and a very polished UI.

Thank you for clarifying, love your devlogs as well !!

Does the paid version include more assets or is the license the main difference between the two ?

Thank you! I've been getting into game development recently and these look perfect for a project I'm doing. If I end up publishing it how would you like to be credited?

Thank you so much for releasing this. I've been looking to get into making games using the Godot engine as a hobby and by far the biggest challenge has been finding good assets that are free to use. Ill be sure to link you if I end up releasing the game!