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Oh, great! Just gave it a buy then. I played the demo way back when and really enjoyed it then already. Excited to see how it has improved since those early days. 

Cheers and I hope you find some success with the title!

Hi there! I asked this question before and received a response... but when I try to click on it, it says the post no longer exists. I assume it has to do with the creation of this forum and perhaps the old stuff getting deleted?

Anyway, I saw in the general post that right now Itch is the only planned release platform. If the game comes to steam in the future will buyers be given a steam key at that point? Or is there a general expectation that you will need to rebuy it?

Game itself looks awesome and am looking forward to giving it a try. 

Any plans on releasing this on steam at some point?

Cool! Ty for the quick response. Gave your game a buy and looking forward to seeing it appear on Steam eventually.

Hi hi, I played the demo on steam and it felt super neat. Quick question- if you buy the game here on Itch, will you get a free steam key once you launch there?

It left early access the other day! Haven't been able to check out the new content, but I believe it's considered complete now.

Great to hear, I gave it a buy!

If you buy it through Itch will you receive a steam key once it is out on there?