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Ah, I was just curious about it. I actually haven't played Mario Maker and don't own a switch either.

Since the purpose of this jam is only creating a level, could someone submit one made using Mario Maker? It truly does focus all of the creators abilities into just one thing - level design.

I want to know who's Aaron. Great game btw, a simple mechanic with flawless execution. Loved the narration, it was very entertaining.

I did try playing on windows. I tried 2560x1440, 1920x1080,  full-screen, windowed, very low to ultra settings. What resolution/setting do you recommend?

Skyrim taught me how to climb mountains like these :) Great game.

I don't know why but the game keeps crashing, can't open.

Ah, I remember this from Sebastian Lague's Coding Adventure: Marching Cubes.

Spooky game! Gave me goosebumps all the time. There are visual/performance bugs it seems tho, because the game kept skipping frames when moving the mouse. The gun play is satisfying and I thank you so much that the enemies only take one hit. Please keep developing it, there's so much potential!

Wow, this game is beautiful. You did a real great job with this one. The visuals are simply amazing. Could there possibly be a way to add our own music and make the levels pulse to the beat too?

Papers, Please! I love how all the info I need is available on a single card. Great job!

Really great interpretation but I feel that the controls could be a little more polished.

I am a contributor but the jam page still says I have to submit? Does itch take time to update?

Hi, I have created a game with a very good bunch of people but how do we all link the submitted game to everyone's account? 

This is so cool. Visuals are fun, music is a banger and the theme interpretation is on point. Loved it!

Thank you for the feedback!

There was no play-testing involved in creation and hence I overlooked these things. Will fix them later.