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Game moves kinda fast, hard to tell what's going on. Better on acid. Good vapor blast broh.

This game is amazing! So simple, yet so addictive! 

Noice, Sanic!!!!

Played through the game 3 times! This game really is a beautiful piece of art in bits and as a whole! Just truly well done all around! I really loved the cat (My Dude!), and the shaken world altered reality vibe some go through after experiencing the loss of a loved one is really fleshed out here! Amazing work!

Introduction to the game!

I know I'm super late to the party, but better late then never right? This game is beautifully stunning! I've just whipped up this video for my channel showing off the intro portion, but I'm probably going to do a full on Let's Play with greenscreen and mic! I'm in love!

This game is so perfect for me, I had to share some gameplay! Pixels, pastel colors, space cats, a robot cat... Everyone needs to know about this!!! 

This game is so interesting! Here's a bit of my gameplay...