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Good! Did you dither in photoshop?

Good game! What is your engine?

What engine was used to make this game?

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Hello. The game is really cool. Were all of photos in one scene?

Ok, thank you

Hello, Julien. What is the best resolution in CSS (I mean width and height) for I mean, I am developing adventure browser game for, and I am interested in what resolution you have used for Invitationem.

Hello! Where did you make those photos of road, snow and mine?

Good game! What is the engine you used?

Hello. What engine was used to create this game?

Thank you! And also, last question. Did you make a house fully in blender or used some CAD programs?

Ok. So, is it possible to make a game with animations and effects in c#? Because I know that you can make an animation in code with c#, and it’s quite comfortably, because you have no need to make more files. So anyway, good luck in learning c#! We are waiting for more good games!

So, is it bare JavaScript or there are any libraries? (like Impact JS)

Oh, that is good. 

Ok, animations are just perfect! And how did you make the breathing animation when the main hero just stands? And sorry for my english, I am Russian.

The game is best! Was it made using LOVE2D?

Hello. I really like your game. What is the program you use to create this art?

Varun, how do you export Three.js to exe?

Hello. What is game engine you used? Unity?

What is the game engine you used? Unity?