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Hello Richard. I bought ZZAP64 ISSUE 8 and there is CRUISER X 79. Is it in full version or demo?

Ok then I look forward to it 馃榿. Is the game published by polish developer?

Hello, will there ever be a digital version available for purchase?  馃槈


Is the game fully released?

I understand 馃槉 The game is great nonetheless. I like this type of game. I wish you continued success in making them. Long live COMMODORE 馃榿 

Good Game 馃槑

Great job. Keep it up. Personally, I would give the main character a little more speed so he can move faster both without the treasure and with it. :)

Good Game 馃槑

Fajna gierka :D 呕ycz臋 dalszego rozwoju w produkcji :) A to m贸j ma艂y gameplay 

A great PLATFORM SCROLLING SCREEN game. Would be nice to see a C64 conversion 馃榿

promises to be an interesting game. I will gladly take it for testing for c64 :D

Nice game 馃榿 Im waiting for the full version 馃榿

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The game in the CRT file has a problem. VICE EMULATOR, EASY FLASH 3, THE C64 MAXI emulator runs the game up to a certain point and the game crashes. Have you checked what is the cause of this error?

So there will be no digital version of "Witch Rescue Service smoothly and with style"?

What will "Island Adventure" be about?

Merry Christmas 馃巺 Good Game 馃榿

This Is Full Vesion?


Great game, but I think a jump down would be a better solution than jumping off the platform 馃槉

ok 馃槉 waiting 馃榿 

I would like to support you by buying the digital version even though I have an original C64 I still play on THE C64 MAXI or run the game from EASY FLASH 3 馃榿

Great game. I have a question about the game "Hi Score". I would like to buy the digital version. Where can I buy it? Greetings from Poland :)

Ok. I'm waiting for these fixes and the release of the full version that I will run on both the original C64 and THE C64 MAXI 馃榿 The game promises to be interesting 馃榿 Well done 馃

The game promises to be interesting. I personally would add a faster and smoother movement to the main character.馃槉

Nice Game :) Waiting for the full version :)

Jak to powiedzia艂 Kazimierz Pawlak w komedii SAMI SWOI '' U mnie s艂owo dro偶sze piniendzy" :D 

Potencja艂 jest i to spory :) No mam nadzieje 偶e mo偶e do tego kiedy艣 wr贸cicie :) I pami臋tajcie 偶e konwersja na The C64  Mini i Maxi obowi膮zkowa :D Bede pierwszym kt贸ry to kupi :P 

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Fajna gra :) konwersja na C64 tez by sie dobrze sprzedala :) Dodac wiecej poziomow, urozmaicen i zamiast tych ufoludkow normalne statki samoloty helikoptery i co jakis czas jakis bonusowy obiekt do zniszczenia :)