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I love your little generator tools, they're so helpful!

At first, I thought Marron's friend was placing the flowers around so that it could be a fun little treasure hunt game for his be-loved.

I feel like this was the perfect design/story/vibe for a gameboy game, nice work!

What a cute little fetch quest game! I loved it! It's a great display of awareness for aromantic ideas. Thanks for your hard work! It would have been interesting to see the innkeeper and them go to the dance together though...

HAHA me too! I tried to juke him out by going the opposite way, I thought at some point he would stop at a point where he wasn't between a trophy and a wall and then I could catch him from the side. But no. You just have to leave.

I know this may be a weird request, but could you possibly put this game up on ? It's a super short and easy game and so runs of the game would not take long at all, but I think that's what would make it fun, to see who could save more milliseconds of time. It would be even better if you put all your games on, maybe as one challenge, because then a run could be to complete all of the games as fast as possible.

Cool game! Unfortunately, it has the game boy aspect of me getting terribly lost and not knowing where I am. It would sure be nice if there was an indicator on the map that showed where you were at any time.

Awesome! I love the cloud/other mechanics!


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pretty fun!

I enjoyed it, only I really wish there were a reset button.

Could you please try to put this game on I know that only the creators of a game can do so. I have enjoyed trying some speedrunning for this game, experimenting with how many minimal tasks it would take to complete the game. I'd like to actually try to speedrun this. Yes, it would be an incredibly short run, but could still present some competition and some ideas for different categories, such as 100% and Any%

I liked it, but way too short! And I was under the impression that this was going to be some sort of longer mystery game, like a detective game. I was disappointed it didn't go in this way... Maybe that's my suggestion for a future game!

This is by far one of my favorites of @rob1221's games. I'd love a sequel, I just can't get enough!